Black and White City Riverbank wallpaper – Abraham Lincoln Respected Labor, Conservatives Worship Aavarice

Black and White City Riverbank wallpaper


George Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” and Thomas Jefferson warned, “If once the people become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress and Assemblies, Judges and Governors, shall all become wolves. It seems to be the law of our general nature, in spite of individual exceptions.” Jefferson also said something about an informed population being a requirement for a thriving democracy, 49% Trust Republicans on Economy, 38% Trust Democrats More

As they have for nearly three years now, voters trust Republicans more than Democrats when it comes to handling the economy, by far  the top issue on a list of 10 regularly tracked by Rasmussen Reports.  They put slightly more trust in Democrats on health care, the second most important issue.

I get that most Americans would trust Democrats more on health care. Conservatives have tried to dismantle Medicare and Medicaid. Many Americans are still not aware of the benefits they already have because of the Democratic Affordable Care Act. It was largely conservative economic policies that caused the Great Recession. Conservatives have been on a deregulation binge for several decades and largely as a result of that binge – yes, in which many Democrats joined in as part of the old triangulation of the Clinton years – that lead directly to the financial crisis. The general trends in public opinion can be inspiring some days and exasperating the next. Urban myths about Freddie Mac and Barney Frank aside, the facts are clear. It does amaze me that some of these people would never let their teen borrow the new car again if he was in a drunk driving accident. Yet conservatives were the drunk drivers of the economy and many of them according to this poll, are ready to give them another set of keys to a car that is slowly having the old damage repaired.

We all know people whose actual personality and accomplishment do not match the view they have of themselves. They seem to have very little capacity for self-evaluation. A common human flaw that seems to run rampant in the conservative movement.  While small self-delusions can be harmless enough among friends and family. It is jaw dropping in a middle-aged man running for president – Romney: The Economy Equals Business

Mitt Romney has unveiled a new version of his stump speech, mixing odes to free enterprise with feverish hallucinations about President Obama’s imagined hatred and vilification of rich people. This passage leapt out at me, as it embodies both the substantive problem with Romney’s vision and a major potential liability:

Out-of-touch liberals like Barack Obama say they want a strong economy, but they really don’t like businesses very much.  But the economy is simply the product of all the nations’ businesses added together.  So it’s like saying you love omelettes but don’t like eggs.

The key notion here is that the economy is just a sum of businesses in the same way an omelet is simply a bunch of eggs.

[   ]….Romney is contrasting his pro-business standpoint against Obama’s imagined hatred for business. The actual contrast is Romney’s belief that the economy is entirely defined by the success of business, against Obama’s attempts to balance the needs of business with providing for the health, educational opportunity, and general well-being of the workforce. This also seems like a contrast that would be easy for Obama to exploit: Most Americans, I’d guess, see themselves as part of the economy. A conceptualization of the economy that excludes them is not one they would like to embrace.

If conservatives think that everything, every aspect of American life should be filtered through the prism of absolutely pure free market behavior than brace yourself for the worse dystopian nightmare – parents can sell their children( which America did at one time), allow every kind of toxic waste into the water supply to relive business of the costs of sanitation and disposal, deny people emergency room access based on the random whims of administrators, legalize prostitution, sell hard drugs one every street corner, do away with federally insured bank deposits (FDIC). Now obviously most conservatives would say the items I’ve mentioned go too far. Well that does mean that conservatives agree that we need some regulation of commerce and the kinds of commerce we engage in. So have a little moral backbone and say that in all honesty where there is disagree is not anti-capitalists liberals versus holier-then-thou capitalists, but Democrats who see the big picture and conservative who salivate over making the rich ever richer.

I would also suggest that Romney and other conservatives who still, for reasons unknown, like to call themselves the party of Abraham Lincoln, read what Lincoln said, “Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration.” Romney, the Koch brothers, the Coors family and Wall Street hedge fund leeches among others, have this psychedelic kook-aid vision of themselves as wealth creators who made capital appear out of the fog. They are so deeply detached and arrogant they cannot bring themselves to acknowledge the vital role of everyday working Americans in creating their wealth.

As may of us know it seems like sites such as Facebook exists partly as social networks and mostly to harvest data for advertisers. It was bound to happen that politicos would also tap into that kind of data, along with TV ratings to massage their messages and find their audience – As Viewing Habits Change, Political Ads Switch Screens

Rather than buying ads on specific Web sites, the Romney campaign sees greater value in buying audiences — which remain anonymous, identifiable only by a numeric code — that are built through careful analysis and predictive behavior modeling.

[  ]…But just as important is knowing where a message is likely to fall on deaf ears. In that case, the campaign has discovered certain traits that tend to be associated with people who do not respond to Mr. Romney’s ads. For example, their online behavior shows they are interested in video and casino games, bowling, martial arts and jazz.

Obviously jazz is among the kinds of music I like so I thought it was interesting that in general, jazz fans do not like Romney. Women do not like Romney or conservatives very much right now – Women Flee the GOP

By contrast, the controversy over contraception has definitely made its way onto the political landscape. At the very least, ordinary Americans know that the Obama administration mandated “free” birth control for women, Republicans spoke out in opposition, and—most important—conservative figures like Rush Limbaugh denounced supporters of the administration as “sluts.” And together with the previous fight over the Komen Foundation’s decision to pull funding from Planned Parenthood, the proposed bill in Virginia that forced transvaginal ultrasounds (read: penetration) on women who received abortions, this knowledge grew into something more dangerous for Republicans—a belief, among many Americans, that the GOP is hostile to women.

You can see how this might be a problem for the Republican Party in the latest Swing States Poll, conducted by USA Today and Gallup.

Between Obama’s increasing support and Romney’s unfavorables, Obama has opened up an 18 point lead among women.

A fun take on Sarah something or other, who ran on a platform of calling Obama and Katie Couric names in 2008, appearing on the Today Show as guest host – SO WHAT IS AMERICA’S OLDEST PRE-ADOLESCENT BRAT UP TO NOW?

And if she does beat Couric in the ratings for one day, every right-wing media outlet will shout SUCK IT LIBRULS!! in one voice.

Another Quarter-Million for Millionaires Under Paul Ryan(R-WI) Tax Plan

Our new report shows that House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s tax plan would provide $265,000-a-year tax cuts to the nation’s highest-income households.

Paul Ryan thinks of the very wealthy and feels their pain. The long days in those ergonomically correct chairs pushing the buttons on their computers and Blackberries. Think of the blisters America.

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