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I used to pass by The Moderate Voice once in a while. I stopped when the ‘moderate’ voice seemed to always be right-of-center. So I was surprised to find a great essay on the connection between the kind of crony corrupt capitalism that conservative Republicans have become champions of and the threats that kind of corruption is to democracy. What Capitalists Don’t Know: Without Democracy, Capitalism Dies

In the 1990s renowned political scientist and author Ben Barber wrote in Jihad vs McWorld that global capitalism was at war with democracy. He was right, of course, and the intensity of that war has only increased since then. Global corporations are battling democracy’s environmental regulations, taxation, labor laws, legislation aimed at fairness or income equality. They are battling democracy’s concern for the long-term survival of community or any values more human than economic.

Emblematic of the global assault is the massive campaign by Canadian oil and gas corporations to construct a transcontinental pipeline across the American heartland regardless of local environmental consequences. Emblematic, again, are the mining corporations suing Ecuador in the WTO to open up that country’s rivers, forests and indigenous landscape to destruction. Emblematic is the 2005 exemption of “fracking” from the U.S. Clean Water Act resulting in millions of gallons of poisoned waste water, allowing global corporations like Halliburton, (headquartered in Dubai), to override the interests of local American governments, farmers, ranchers and cities. Emblematic is Wal-Mart’s aggressive activity in Mexico, consciously subverting the rule of law. Democracy is not strong in Mexico; Wal-Mart has not made it stronger.

A symbol of the global war is in that one five-story building in the Cayman Islands which is the address of more than 18,000 corporations. The Caymens do not levy income taxes. So all the corporations that call that home are opting out of their responsibilities in the U.S.. Apple, Google, and Bank of America are exemplars. They say that they are simply following the tax code and being headquartered in the Caymens is not illegal. That’s right. But they are also turning their backs on an American society that gave them educated workers, roads and bridges, science, health care, and above all, courts and the rule of law. What these corporations do not say is that they spent millions lobbying the U.S. Congress to make tax havens legal. They have made it legal but they have not made it right.

It is clear that these offshore havens create a crisis for democracy by squeezing the money out of government. What may be less clear is that these legislated special privileges also create a crisis for capitalism. In the very short term capitalism may not look like it is in trouble: Major corporations are reporting record profits. Bonuses on Wall Street in 2010 exceeded $90 billion. The Dow Jones in 2012 has been mostly above 13,000. Wall Street appears to be healthy. A Republican-led U.S. House of Representatives thinks it will get even healthier if we just eliminate all government regulations.

Never was an elite in greater delusion. Predatory capitalism is killing the middle class goose that lays the golden egg. That’s the first danger. Secondly, it is unselfconsciously driving toward unlimited exponential growth that is producing climate change which eventually will lead to social and economic chaos. In the longer term therefore capitalism is killing the eco-system that makes golden geese possible. Finally, in both short and long terms capitalism’s oligarchs and supporters in Congress are fixated on a flimsy free market doctrine. In sum, the crisis of capitalism is created by the fact that today’s oligarchs still understand the world in terms appropriate for the agrarian 18th century, are opposed to regulation as if they were combatting a revolution of the proletariat, and their theoretical doctrine is to return to the simplicity of corporate life in times when monopolies were granted by kings.

The result is that today’s 1% are squeezing the blood out of the middle class, creating conditions of predictable eco collapse, and have no doctrine more sophisticated than Ayn Rand. But these, even combined, are not even the greatest danger that capitalism faces. The even greater danger to capitalism is plutocracy’s blindness toward the advantages that come from democracy. These are advantages in innovation, mobility, creativity, and productivity that all arise with popular government. Oligarchs have missed this point entirely. This month The New York Times carries a quote from a former Bain Capital associate of Mitt Romney’s who says, quite literally, “At base, having a small elite with vast wealth is good for the poor and middle class.” He could be an English aristocrat on the eve of the American Revolution.

What the Bain Capital investor and the rest of the elite do not seem to understand is how much he and they depend upon democracy. A prosperous economy requires reliability in contract, truth in science and medicine, widespread, popular education, and nonviolent processes of change. Without these, markets shrink, innovation is endangered, mistrust and corruption replace nonviolent process, and plutocrats themselves become insecure. For examples, look anywhere in the non-democratic world. Look at what is happening in China this month. Bo Xi Lai’s fall, and the power struggle in China that it represents, is no different than the fall of the Caesars, the Borgias, the Stewarts or the Bourbons. Insider power struggles, wrapped in secrecy and murder, rumors of pay offs and spying by one aristocrat upon another, are the hallmark of medieval Europe and still today of Russia, Central Asia, and Latin America, to say nothing of China.

Undermining democracy as the plutocrats seem wont to do undermines all values of equality and mutuality and, without these as a restraint, power concentrates, feudalism creeps back, plutocracy takes over and capitalism is itself endangered. Without democracy, the narrative to expect is like that of the Caesars killing the Republic in Rome, or the Medici’s suffocating the Republic in Florence, or communists stamping out the people’s revolution in 20th century Russia. They all tried democracy a little bit. But they then slid into plutocracy and cut themselves off at the knees.

We therefore live in a time of two crises, one of democracy, another of capitalism. They are intertwined. The solution to the democracy crisis is probably the only long lasting solution for the capitalists. Apparently, most corporate leadership does not understand this. Unfortunately, without that understanding today’s oligarchs are apt to bring both down.

Craig Barnes is the author of Democracy At The Crossroads, Princes, Peasants, Poets and Presidents Struggle for (and against) the Rule of Law. His website is

Most Democratic bloggers say the same things in smaller chunks almost every day. It’s nice to see a condensed version of what we’re talking about put so well in one place. The part that addresses the environment is one of the issues hard to get across. The far Right and even some liberals make it sound it is all about saving polar bears or some little known fish. While those are real issues they are also symbols of the larger issue of sustainability. To under stand that it helps to have had some science education or done some reading on one’s own. With a few exceptions politicians are awful at explaining how the economy depends on clean water, healthy oceans, mountains whose tops are not dynamited by mining companies. There is no economy without the environment. There is just those dystopian science fiction films come to life. The majority of American workers wage slaves in a joyless society who needs a dictionary to explain what picnics and surf fishing were. The crony capitalist are like cocaine addicts. Some studies have shown that some people get off on money (and power) the way some people get off on drugs like cocaine. So while we’re talking about politics and public policy on one level, underneath we’re talking about an addiction to destructive behavior. And like any other hard-core addict the vulture capitalists will do or say whatever they feel they need to in order to continue getting high. I don’t think anyone would care that much if the addictions of the top ten percent were manageable and mostly self-destructive. Conservatives are satisfied with keeping their anti-democracy ways a personal matter, they’re foisting them on the entire country. And since The U.S. still wields so much economic power we’re forcing it on the rest of the world as well. It was the conservative claim via Milton Friedman – that capitalism was inexorably linked with freedom. If you’re buying and selling stuff in a free market system, political freedom follows. Political leaders in China probably think of Friedman as a stand-up comedian since they’ve proved you can have a fired up capitalism without the political freedom. It looks like the Paul Ryan’s(R-WI), Romneys, Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson and assorted conservative patrons of crony capitalism are going to also going to prove that the top ten percent can still keep their money, their power, their freedom, while destroying freedom for everyone else.

JPMorgan’s $2 billion blunder makes Mitt’s pledge to repeal Obama’s bank reform look dumb

Barack Obama has been rightly dinged from the left for his soft approach to Wall Street, but there’s a reason why Big Capital is shunning him and pouring money into Romney’s campaign. Romney’s answer to the financial meltdown is to do absolutely nothing; to abandon even any pretense of reining in Wall Street bad behavior, to return us to the pre-crash regulatory status quo.

That’s suicidal. The U.S. economy may well skip over JPMorgan’s folly without any serious long-term damage. But that’s not the point. What we learned from the financial crisis is that the real danger inherent in Wall Street’s endless orgy of speculative trading is the prospect that multiple bets could go bad simultaneously when there is a big external shock to the system — like the housing bust. That’s when a downturn becomes a crash.

I can’t say with certainty that Dodd-Frank will do a good job of protecting us from a replay of the great financial crash of 2008. But the prospect of electing someone as president who is promising Wall Street that he will let them blithely self-regulate? That seems even stupider than JPMorgan’s $2 billion bad bet.

Let’s see. Those crazy leftist radicals who wanted stricter regulation, a strong Volcker Rule and to bring back Glass-Steagall would have saved JP $2 billion dollars. The conservatives who try to pass themselves off as free market mavens got their way and it cost $2 billion. In summary Those who want more regulation and competition are called decent Americans, those against are oligopolists crooks.

How the Ayn Rand-Loving Right Is Like a Bunch of Teen Boys Gone Crazy

Make no mistake: all this Ayn Rand libertarian me-first-and-the-rest-of-you-go-to-hell stuff — the there’s-no-government-like-no-government theology that’s now being piously intoned as Holy Received Truth by everybody, male and female, in the GOP — is, very precisely, the kind of politics you’d come up with if you were a 16-year-old boy trying to explain away his dependence on Mom.

Parents? I don’t have any parents. I raised myself, on roots and berries and small vermin I dug up in vacant lots. That lady hanging around, feeding me and nagging me and picking up my socks and driving me to practice? She’s just the nanny state. That bitch. I hate her.

Society? There’s no such thing as society. There’s only what I want right now, which is the ultimate good in my universe. And what I want right now is more time on the XBox, pizza money, and the keys to the family car.

The future? If I pursue everything I want now, then the future will magically take care of its self. Dinner will appear. So will clean socks and the next-gen XBox.

Obligations? I am God’s gift to the world. I don’t owe it anything. In fact: it owes me — just for being so magnificent, cute and special. (Even my mom thinks so.)

On behalf of America’s mothers, let me say: I have had enough of this. I don’t care how cute they are: it’s high time these so-called “libertarian” freeloaders get off the couch, stand up, and show some respect to the rest of us who’ve done the hard work that makes their cushy lives possible.

In the classic depictions of Atlas he is holding up the world – Rand pictured the modern Atlas as something akin to our modern financial leaches by Jamie Denton. In the real world outside of the mythical one created by conservative Republicans and rightie libertarians is a world held up by bus drivers, carpenters, nurses, chemists, programmers, demographer, fire fighters, writers, and violinists. We call them ordinary people, but they are the ones who make our cultural and economic world go round. The false heroes of the right are just taking a free ride. One of the biggest welfare rides in history.

City at Night Ferris Wheel wallpaper – Progress Usually Comes In Steps Not Leaps


City at Night Ferris Wheel wallpaper


Log Cabin Republicans Show They Are Just as Wacky as Straight Conservatives : Obama Announcing Support For Marriage Equality Is ‘Offensive And Callous’

The Log Cabin Republicans’ R. Clarke Cooper was quick to try to discredit Obama’s announcement supporting marriage equality today, calling it “cold comfort” and “offensive and callous” in the immediate wake of Amendment One’s passage in North Carolina:

COOPER: That the president has chosen today, when LGBT Americans are mourning the passage of Amendment One, to finally speak up for marriage equality is offensive and callous. Log Cabin Republicans appreciate that President Obama has finally come in line with leaders like Vice President Dick Cheney on this issue, but LGBT Americans are right to be angry that this calculated announcement comes too late to be of any use to the people of North Carolina, or any of the other states that have addressed this issue on his watch. This administration has manipulated LGBT families for political gain as much as anybody, and after his campaign’s ridiculous contortions to deny support for marriage equality this week he does not deserve praise for an announcement that comes a day late and a dollar short. (emphasis mine)

Though LCR claims not to endorse candidates, this absurd attack suggests the group would rather stand with Mitt Romney, who has pledged to support a federal marriage amendment banning same-sex marriage nationwide. Coming from a group whose mission is to “secure full equality for gays and lesbians,” this is a stunning example of petty partisan politics.

How are Log Cabin conservatives different from Sarah Palin, Paul Ryan(R-Wi), Jim Inhofe(R-Okla.), Rush Limbaugh or any other knuckle dragging mouth breather that hates science, rational thought, the concept of basic human rights, economic justice and the common good. Except for being gay, there is no difference. The utterly inane statement above says a lot in few words. Even before his heart transplant Dick Cheney was not in great health yet he managed to make it over to Rupert Murdoch’s U.S. propaganda outlet Fox News to defend torture. Let’s all give Dick a big round of applause for all the times he toured the country advocating equal rights under the Constitution for gay Americans. Oh, that’s right we can’t do that because it never happened. Dick made time to defend torturing people, but not time to defend gay rights. Was Dick Cheney or any other conservative over in North Carolina to give conservative Republicans hell for trying to pass an unconstitutional law. Of course not. But Obama is the cynical one. Not a word on Mitt Romney, who one assumes Log Cabin conservatives want to be president. Romney continues to not only oppose gay marriagee but even civil unions. I remember an article by a gay liberal from around 2001 that spoke to how willingly a few of his gay conservative friends were willing to sell out all other values to save a few dollars in taxes. That still describes much of what Log Cabin conservatives stand for.Like all other conservatives they do not see themselves as members of a nation, a community writ large, with common goals, responsibilities and values. It’s all about them and how many toys they can accumulate before they die, the vulture capitalists model of quasi-democracy. LCRs belong to the movement that believes in gay therapy conversion. That believes torture is wholesome. That lied over 4000 Americans to their deaths and have shown zero regret. That pushed the economy off the cliff, left the bill for our grandchildren to pay and blame Obama for not fixing it fast enough. If LCR wants to send their money that fine, conservatives will be happy to use it in their state by sate campaign to make gays only three-fifths of a person. At which time we’ll get another press release about how Obama failed them.

This dolt at Gawker really thinks the glass is empty instead of half full – Barack Obama’s Bullshit Gay Marriage Announcement – there is a political party waiting for him. He’ll be treated like a half citizen, if he is even allowed in the same room as “normal” people. leave it to a cynical liberal to always see any progress as less than what they imagine progress should be in their dreams. Please do not read any history Mr. Cook and learn about the thousand-year old struggle for freedom. It has never come easily or all at once.

Log Cabin Republicans might want to save the cynical Ann Coulter impression and perfectionist liberals like Gawker might want to save the crankery for fights that lay ahead. I wonder if LCR hero Dick Cheney will be in Minnesota to stop their version of a same-sex marriage ban. Maybe Gawker could stop whining about Obama not making a palm leaf in his cafe latte long enough to head out to Maryland and Washington State, where conservative culture nutbars are seeking to overturn legislative approval of same-sex marriage. While not gay rights issue per se how about trying to stop the 400 bills in state legislatures being considered to limit women’s reproductive rights. Anyone think that conservatives have four hundred job creations bills in the works. Not that I can find.

We’re not in trouble because gays want to marry or women want to have some control over when they have babies. We’re in trouble because CEOs are collecting exorbitant pay while slicing the pay of average workers, because the titans of Wall Street demand short-term results over long-term jobs, and because of a boardroom culture that tolerates financial conflicts of interest, insider trading, and the outright bribery of public officials through unlimited campaign “donations.”

Our crisis has nothing to do with private morality. It’s a crisis of public morality — of abuses of public trust that undermine the integrity of our economy and democracy and have led millions of Americans to conclude the game is rigged.

What’s truly immoral is not what adults choose to do with other consenting adults. It’s what those with great power have chosen to do to the rest of us.

It is immoral that top executives are richly rewarded no matter how badly they screw up while most Americans are screwed no matter how hard they work.

Regressive Republicans have no problem intruding on the most personal and most intimate decisions any of us makes while railing against government intrusions on big business.

They don’t hesitate to hurl the epithets “shameful,” “disgraceful,” and “contemptible” at private moral decisions they disagree with, while staying stone silent in the face of the most contemptible violations of public trust at the highest reaches of the economy.

Ever since health care reform (The ACA) was passed the Right started this urban myth about the government directly controlling 50% of the economy. If we want to stick to the acts, what Saint Ronnie considered terrible things, that is not strictly true. That Romney has adopted this big lie says a lot about the shallowness of his character  – Is This Romney’s Biggest Fib?

If Romney equates government involvement in an economic sector with control, Bartlett notes, then there’s no limit to the nightmare Romney is promoting. “Agriculture is heavily controlled, so why don’t we add all food consumption to government’s share of GDP?” Bartlett asks. “Banking is also heavily controlled, so let’s add that too. Ditto housing, manufacturing, etc. This doesn’t pass the laugh test.”

Yet no one is howling foul about Romney relying on this scary-sounding factoid to promote his claim that Obama is on the verge of destroying free enterprise in the United States. (PolitiFact has previously called out Romney for saying the United States is “inches away from no longer being a free economy.”)

On the campaign trail, Romney touts his corporate credentials and argues he knows what’s best for the ailing US economy. That’s certainly fair play. But he has continuously accused Obama of not understanding the nation or its economy (while apologizing for the country overseas) and of desiring to turn the United States into an European-style state where poverty will spread. To level such an indictment credibly, it helps to toss out facts—or what seem to be facts. By charging Obama with a power grab that will place government in control of half of the economy, Romney positions himself as a savior for those voters who believe (maybe because of Romney’s own demagoguery) that Obama is running amok and threatening the fundamental nature of the nation.

Romney still owns an interest in ban Capital, but stopped being an active partner in 1999. That was about 13 years ago. During that time Bush 43 was president for eight years. So now, right now we are on the edge of sliding into socialism. Does Romney, the brilliant financial wheeler and dealer know that what an oligopoly is. We now have even fewer too big to fail banks.  Obama did not even try to use laws against monopolies to break them up or to bring back Glass-Steagall. Corporate profits are as high as ever. Corporations are using tax loopholes to pay an effective tax rate lower than the average dentist or programmer. It’s like a game of Where’s Waldo, only we’re all looking for a Karl Marx that is not there. Romney is sure to get the votes of the conservatives in Wingnuttia with that kind of reality challenged doublespeak, but in the end it ain’t real. Kind of like Romney’s claim to be a great job creator. Romney, like other vulture capitalists are very good at siphoning off the capital created by the work of ordinary Americans. These are the Americans Fox News and the Republican party calls leaches. Romney has no record of creating a useful product or service. Steve Jobs might have been a %&%#@ in some ways, but at least he actually produced something of value.


Jonah Goldberg has a new book out. Basically a rehash of the same tired doggerel we hear everyday. Which reminds me, has anyone ever seen Goldberg and Glenn beck in the same room at the same time. One of the interesting things about history is that  there always seems to be something new to discover. Jonah and Glenn have no patience for those new discoveries, they just turn history upset down and turn it inside out. Suddenly the Nazis are communists and since FDR helped destroy Nazism that somehow played right into the hands of the communist who called really were communists who were competing with the far Right Nazi communists. It is not just that subtle shades of meaning escape Jonah and Glenn, actual historical events, why they occurred, what happened and the consequences all become this blur except that right-wing conservatives were little angels that flew in soft breezes above the fray. Jonah Goldberg’s desperation: striving for seriousness, but too lazy to achieve it

Goldberg’s also a master at avoiding serious challenges to his half-formed opinions. In 2009, TBogg documented more than forty instances of Goldberg evading arguments or declining to elaborate on points he’d made by invoking some rapidly approaching deadline. (Sample: “This has been discussed endlessly in the Corner and elsewhere. I’m on a deadline so I’m not going to wade too deeply into it.”)

[  ]….I just opened “The Tyranny of Cliche” to a random page. It is the start of Chapter 9, “Slippery Slope,” and it begins with quotations from Hume, Lincoln and T.S. Eliot. Then we’re treated to the prose of Mr. Jonah Goldberg, who is here to share his presentation on “slippery slopes.” It reads very much like a high school student’s essay assignment:

Ultimately slippery slope arguments are a mixed bag. They are useful as a way to reinforce good dogma, but they are also used to reinforce bad dogma. Similarly they can scare us away from bad policies and good policies alike. There are good slippery slope arguments and bad ones for good ends and bad ends.

What insight! What a masterful grasp of nuance! Let’s try one of our own: Airplanes can be used for good things and bad things. Some airplanes carry medicine or ice cream, but other airplanes carry bombs or bad people. But an airplane with bombs might be good because the bombs are for using on bad guys, and on the other airplane maybe the ice cream has melted.

Goldberg is a problem. How does one satirize someone who seems to satirize himself. A walking parody of the dunce who is sure that he is right and someday he is going to find the time and evidence to prove all you mean people wrong. Someday Jonah is going to get even with all those people who keep finding glaring factual errors in his work. Then boy, you’ll all be sorry.


Antique Map of Italy 1571 – Never Let Conservatives Decide What is Important or True

Antique Map of Italy 1571

Even though Italy would have been part of the Holy Roman Empire in 1571 the map still shows the old Roman god Neptune ( or Greek god Poseidon) preceding over the sea. The female figure is likely Salacia, goddess of salt water and Neptune’s’ queen and wife.

1571 would be a turning point in the road toward intellectual enlightenment and the scientific method with the birth of German mathematician and astronomer Johannes Kepler. It would also be the year the The Royal Exchange opens in London, England. Traders has previously been relegated to trading in a local pub because of their rowdy behavior.  Emperor Maximilian II grants Austrian adel freedom of religion to Austrian nobility. By the time of Maximilian’s reign the battles between Catholics and Protestants, both bloody and rhetorical had been weighing on the empire. While his decree did not do much for the common folks, it did give the nobles less to fight about.

Slide show from Life Magazine: Count Basie, Lester Young, and other jazz greats at Gjon Mili’s Studio in New York, 1942.

LIFE photographer Gjon Mili (who also directed the classic 1944 short film, Jammin’ the Blues) often hosted jam sessions at his photography studio in New York during the 1940s. These pictures testify to the talent on hand — both musical and photographic — and the pure fun that was had.

Not that conservatives have an exclusive patent on strange behavior, they just happen to do it better and more often than others: Alabama politician Bill Johnson ‘obsessed’ with donating sperm 

Bill Johnson, a former Alabama gubernatorial candidate, has left his wife and family in Prattville to be with babies he secretly conceived as a sperm donor in New Zealand.

Johnson’s wife, Kathy Hale Johnson, told the New Zealand Herald that Johnson recently returned to live in New Zealand where he donated sperm to at least 10 women without her knowledge.
“He wants me to move over there. He’s not coming back,” she told the newspaper.

She said Johnson plans to apply for residency so he can stay in New Zealand, and that he intends to donate sperm to additional women.

“He is obsessed with this. He doesn’t want to stop,” she said.

Johnson was a former Birmingham Republican city councilman and cabinet member for Gov. Bob Riley(R).

A lot of individual political races become a blur after a while. Sociologists that study elections have noted that people usually have the same list of core issues in their head – say the economy, the environment and education. Then they have social issues. Everyone consciously or unconsciously gives a certain weight to each one. Some people vote predominately on taxes. Others may vote primarily on issues that affect women. Outside the issues are things such as likeability and campaign gaffes. Those gaffes can be real or perceived. Al Gore never said he invented the internet, only that he was a political force in creating the internet that the masses use today – which is true.  The Right took the Al Gore assertion, made it into a plastic doll and blow it way out of proportion to paint Gore as a lair. They’re doing much the same thing with Elizabeth Warren’s statement that she has Cherokee and Delaware Indian heritage. That, like Al Gore’s statement, is a fact. being in the South I can tell you that it is still very common for everyone to know their ethic heritage. Everyone I know knows whether their grandfather was French, whether their great-grandmother was Jewish and married an Italian Catholic. So what the big deal with Warren? Not much in the way of substantive campaign issues. Elizabeth Warren says she’s Native American. So she is.

An Indian identity is something someone claims for oneself; it is a matter of choice. It is not legally defined and entails no legal benefits. Being an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe, however, is a legal status that has nothing to do with identity and everything to do with blood quantum. Members must meet requirements set by the tribe in consultation with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. (Elizabeth Warren is not enrolled in a tribe and doesn’t seem to have sought such status. She doesn’t claim an Indian identity, just Indian ancestry.) Indians who are not enrolled in a tribe aren’t eligible for the aforementioned programs and benefits, including casino profits, education assistance, hunting privileges and housing.

If Warren’s claim to ancestry is really a big deal, than so is the fact that Scott Brown (R) was a pin-up model.

Senator Scott Brown (R-MS) nude modeling

The airhead above was the decisive vote in watering down financial reform. What did Brown did for being in the pocket of the banking industry – Banks Gave Heavily To Scott Brown(R-MS) As He Watered Down Financial Reform. Do not pay attention to Scott Brown helping the banks screw over millions of home owners. Do not think about Scott Brown being another puppet for special interests that is bilking the American public out of millions of dollars in little fees, some of them hidden. The majority of the public, including many Republicans like the Buffet Rule which would require millionaires to pay taxes equivalent to middle-class rates – Scott Brown voted against it and doesn’t want to talk about it. So let’s all be good little mindless bots without prioritizes or genuine values and talk about Elizabeth Warrens supposed exaggeration of her ancestry just like the conservative pundits tell us to. Let’s not vote to get rid of a mindless puppet for special interests, who has no ideas, who has endorsed Mitt Romney’s new version of Bush’s economic policies.

The fact that a Democratic Commander-in-chef with a national security team of his choosing, with his priorities took down a terrorist that Bush and Cheney failed to get, is going to stick in the conservative craw forever. Hannity’s “Heroism Vs. Politics” Obama Special Filled With Right-Wing Bunk. In which Hannity tries to divert attention away from the fact that Bin laden was killed without torturing anyone – in other words by not breaking the law. Hannity still swears waterbroading is not torture. Yet he has still not lived up to his promise to undergo waterbroading to prove it. Neither has his guest “security expert” KT McFarland. Fox’s Bolling, pathological liar Karl Rove and bitter little Chucky Krauthammer also claim that President Obama has not given enough credit to the military or the intelligence community:

Obama: “We Give Thanks For The Men Who Carried Out This Operation, For They Exemplify The Professionalism, Patriotism, And Unparalleled Courage Of Those Who Serve Our Country.” In his May 2, 2011, address announcing the operation that killed bin Laden, Obama gave “thanks for the men who carried out this operation, for they exemplify the professionalism, patriotism, and unparalleled courage of those who serve our country.”

Obama: Navy SEALs “Deserve Credit For One Of The Greatest Intelligence Military Operations In Our Nation’s History.” In a May 6, 2011, speech to troops stationed at Fort Campbell, Obama said the troops involved in the mission “deserve credit for one of the greatest intelligence military operations in our nation’s history.” He also stated: “Thanks to the incredible skill and courage of countless individuals — intelligence, military — over many years, the terrorist leader who struck our nation on 9/11 will never threaten America again.”

Obama Privately Thanked Navy SEAL Team That Killed Bin Laden. A May 5, 2011, ABC News article reported that Obama “privately thanked the Navy SEALs who cornered and killed Osama bin Laden, congratulating them for a ‘job well done.'”

Obama Awarded Military Units Involved In Mission With Highest Possible Honor That Can Be Given To A Military Unit. A May 6, 2011, CNN article reported that Obama “awarded Presidential Unit Citations to the units involved in the Pakistan mission … the highest such honor that can be given to a military unit.”

When is everyone at Fox News going to apologize for lying over 4,000 Americans to their deaths with tales of WMD they knew did not exist. When is Fox News going to apologize for politicizing 9-11 and creating a culture of paranoia after 9-11. When are conservatives going to apologize for doing the kind of damage to the economy that terrorists could only dream of.

Five Overlooked Battles in the War on Women

2. Shackling of Pregnant Women. Giving birth is no walk in the park—now imagine doing it while in leg restraints and waist chains. Over thirty states still allow the shackling of pregnant women in prison during labor and delivery, despite numerous human rights campaigns to ban the practices.

3. Abstinence-Only Education (yes, it’s still around). Many Americans are under the mistaken impression that since Obama took office, abstinence-only education went the way of the dodo. Not so. While federal funding for misleading and dangerous abstinence-only education has been cut significantly, abstinence-only classes are still alive and well.

4. Poverty. Let’s say this once and for all—women are not “the richer sex.” Despite the current trend pieces suggesting that women are actually out-earning men (they’re not), women are actually much more likely to be poor than their male counterparts, and women over 65 are twice as likely to live in poverty as men.

For those who were not forced to read a history of western civilization text in college or have not read some of the more provocative parts of the Bible, I recommend both. For some reason conservatives have spent the last sixty years telling America to forget the history of human civilization and behavior. Just tell teens not to have sex and for some miraculous reason, every teen born since 1952 will suddenly stop having sex. Bristal Palin probably heard something like that and we know how that went. Combining abstinence and safe sex education have been proven the most effective tools against unplanned pregnancies.

An Introduction to Jazz from Smithsonian Folkways


Sunset in Miami wallpaper – Conservatives and Their Vile Myths

summer, coast, orange

Sunset in Miami wallpaper


The austerity crowd, the very serious people, the anti-Keynesians or the people who do a darn good imitation of a neurotic parrot obsessed with a catchphrase have mostly won the economic debate. Though credit to people like Robert Reich, Jared Bernstein, Brad Delong and Paul Krugman for continuing to remind the very serious people they’re wrong.  How to End This Depression

The truth is that recovery would be almost ridiculously easy to achieve: all we need is to reverse the austerity policies of the past couple of years and temporarily boost spending. Never mind all the talk of how we have a long-run problem that can’t have a short-run solution—this may sound sophisticated, but it isn’t. With a boost in spending, we could be back to more or less full employment faster than anyone imagines.

[  ]…But some readers will wonder, isn’t a recovery program along the lines I’ve described just out of the question as a political matter? And isn’t advocating such a program a waste of time? My answers to these two questions are: not necessarily, and definitely not. The chances of a real turn in policy, away from the austerity mania of the last few years and toward a renewed focus on job creation, are much better than conventional wisdom would have you believe. And recent experience also teaches us a crucial political lesson: it’s much better to stand up for what you believe, to make the case for what really should be done, than to try to seem moderate and reasonable by essentially accepting your opponents’ arguments. Compromise, if you must, on the policy—but never on the truth.

One of the reasons to hope for at least a mild course correction is the elections. To make a silly and obvious observation, with very few exceptions, politicians are just politicians. They all look at the polls and get a sense of what they perceive to be the correct course and act accordingly. Democrats and the White House probably over reacted to the tea bagger invasion of 2010. That so many of these flaky zealots made it into Congress had as much to do with a fired up far Right conservative base as it did with Democrats who were pouting over not getting everything they wanted. Democrats stayed home so we got some of the most unqualified and sometimes criminal politicians to ever hold office. Florida’s governor Rick Scott was literally a criminal – like to get away with grand theft, being a Republican ‘businessman’ not only pays more, you’ll be rewarded by conservative voters. Obama and Democrats do respond to mandates. A few more senate seats – a real possibility and retaking the House, means more progressive, if not a perfect economic direction. Another reason is that Europe seems to be slowly but surely rejecting austerity. It’s not working there either. Many of us were hoping that a European recovery would mean a boost to the U.S. via more trade. That might happen, but it there will be some lag time for new policies to take effect. There is one last reason to act as if there is hope even if you think there is none. It drives conservatives crazy. Pushing your agenda through voting, blogging, letter writing, making good arguments around the water cooler – whatever way you go about making your case – it wears away your opponent at the edges. Your blog may not get thousands of visitors a day – you can still make a difference. Your Tumblr or Twitter posts with links get issues and events attention, create buzz.

Conservative Activist: More Navy SEALs to Attack Obama

In the wake of a warm conservative reception for a web video trashing the president for “spiking the football” on the anniversary of Osama Bin Laden’s death, the conservative group Veterans for a Strong America plans to gather Navy SEALs and Special Forces operators to criticize the White House during the 2012 campaign.

“We’re looking to [put together] a coalition, to field SEALs and operators that want to come out publicly,” executive director of Veterans for a Strong America, Joel Arends, tells BuzzFeed. “I’ve had a lot of discussions with former SEALs and current SEALs. I’ve been talking to operators in the community. There is palatable discontent.”

Arends, a 35-year old Iraq war veteran who has spent the last six years in conservative activist circles, started the group last fall during the Republican primaries.

The group has already done events with former Republican presidential contenders Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich and Michelle Bachmann. “The Romney campaign didn’t return our calls,” says Arends, adding, “we’d be more than willing to sit down [with the governor.]”

Previously, Arends worked as a field director for Americans for Prosperity and Veterans for Freedom, two other conservative political organizations.

This has been described as another round of Swiftboating. Whatever one wants to cal it, it is purely political. It is not about President Obama doing something wrong or even questionable, it is about advancing the conservative agenda while using the military uniform as a shield and as a soapbox. These conservatives should be ashamed of themselves. Not for disagreeing with Obama’s policies, but for using their former military status to get some kind of instant incredibility. If John McCain were president and as Commander-in-chief he had ordered the raid that killed Bin laden, would these same people be running these ridiculous ads (they refuse to say who is financing them) . Of course not. It is not about spiking any footballs, it is all about kind of disgraceful dirty politics that have come to define conservative candidates. Democrats as a group are not as pure as the driven snow, but they do not regularly, as a matter of standard operating procedure, act in such a dishonorable manner. Conservative extremists want to have it both ways – Latest Attempt To Deny Obama Credit For Bin Laden Raid Falls Flat

The next morning [April 29, 2011], the President met in the Map Room with Tom Donilon, his national-security adviser, Denis McDonough, a deputy adviser, and Brennan. Obama had decided to go with a DEVGRU [SEAL team] assault, with McRaven choosing the night. It was too late for a Friday attack, and on Saturday there was excessive cloud cover. On Saturday afternoon, McRaven and Obama spoke on the phone, and McRaven said that the raid would occur on Sunday night. “Godspeed to you and your forces,” Obama told him. “Please pass on to them my personal thanks for their service and the message that I personally will be following this mission very closely.”

So the far Right wants to give all the credit to Admiral McRaven, but the Veterans for a Strong America and Joel Arends wants to blame Obama for some SEAL deaths that occurred on another raid because of killing Bin Laden. If McRaven gets credit for the entire decision than he also gets the blame. One of the problems with singling president Obama out for any negatives is that the far Right, in its unhinged zeal, also smears the reputation of the entire chain of command. That is not something an honorable group of people, much less veterans would do unless allegiance to the conservative agenda trumped genuine patriotism.

Mitt Romney Associate Peter Schaumber Likely Violated The Hatch Act.

Last Thursday, Rep. Elijah Cummings announced that the IG would be releasing a follow-up report, and was referring his findings to the Office of Special Counsel “for potential Hatch Act violations due to Mr. Schaumber’s role as a senior advisor” to Romney. (The Hatch Act bans public officials from using government access to advance political campaigns.) The new report, released last night by the House Education and Workforce Committee Democrats, is a sequel that truly outdoes the original.

The same day Cummings announced the forthcoming report, Romney Etch-A-Sketched Schaumber – sort of. The campaign issued no statement, but a “Romney campaign aide” told the Hill that Schaumber had already stepped down from his campaign role sometime in December. That’s the same month that Flynn learned he was being investigated by the IG. (The Romney campaign did not respond to a request for comment.)

“It’s hardly a coincidence,” said AFL-CIO spokeswoman Alison Omens in an emailed statement, “that Schaumber resigned from the Romney campaign the same time his inside source at the board was notified he was being investigated.”

The conservative movement is paranoid about many things. One of their ongoing battles and fears is that employees, another term for most of America, might have some little inkling of power. Millionaire conservatives like Herman Cain, and living off his military pension and Congressional salary of $175k per year Allen West (R-FL) like to complain they refuse to stay on the Democratic plantation. A supreme irony in that the conservative agenda for our economy and culture is one where the average worker is nothing but an unquestioning wage slave. Mitt’s friend using inside information for political sabotage is just part of what conservatives see as the higher calling of assuring that employers can lock the fire exits if they want to, because they are the boss.

Was anyone missing the neocons. Especially the Bush Gang neocons. They manipulated the media and the nation, they strangled the truth and moral decency. They all went on to private sector “jobs” making plenty of money just waiting for the chance to return. They got thousands of Americans killed or maimed all in the cause of advancing the great cause of conservationism. So that made their sleazy and venal behavior OK. Thanks to Mittens they’re back – Mitt Romney Rewards Failure, Brings Back Bush Neocons

Jonah Goldberg Admits His New Book is Right-Wing Hackery on NPR. Goldberg is supposedly one of conservatism’s intellectual lights. Yet other than not writing his books in multicolored magic markers, there is not much difference between him and the misfits who carry the Obama is Hitler signs at tea bagger rallies. While we’re on the subject of Goldberg. it is Goldberg’s assertion that liberalism is the same thing as Nazism. If that is the case how come all the actual Nazis in the USA always have ties to the Republican Party and conservatives – J.T. Ready, Neo-Nazi and One-Time Pal of Russell Pearce’s, is Shooter in Gilbert Massacre (w/Update)

J.T. Ready, Arizona’s most prominent neo-Nazi and the one-time political protege of recalled state Senate President Russell Pearce, reportedly is dead by his own hand in what’s described as a multiple murder-suicide in Gilbert that left four others slain, including a 2-year- old.

A one-time member of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement, Ready, 39, was a committed white supremacist, a former Republican precinct committeeman, and a failed candidate for the Mesa City Council.(Pearce is an Republican AZ. state senator)

JT Ready left, with Senator Pearce.

It would be best for conservatives to stick with the bad apple scenario. This is a truly awful tragedy. To murder a two-year old child is beyond comprehension. Yet what does Jim Hoft ( The conservative Republican who runs The Gateway Pundit) do? He tries to tie Mr. Ready to the Occupy movement. One of the problems the Occupiers have is that some nuts have associated themselves with the movement. That is one of the reasons I have doubts about their continued effectiveness. That aside, Far Right AZ Neo-Nazi Commits Mass Murder, Wingnut Bloggers Immediately Paint Him as a Left Winger

But J.T. Ready’s long history of associations with Republicans, right wing political activism, organization of a border militia, and involvement with the Tea Party means nothing to the Internet’s dumbest (and possibly most dishonest) man, Jim Hoft.

Hoft is busy trying to tie J.T. Ready to … wait for it … the Occupy movement.

Horror!… Neo-Nazi #Occupy Phoenix Protester Goes on Shooting Rampage – 5 Dead | the Gateway Pundit

    Back in October we reported that Neo-Nazi Jason Todd Ready was patrolling the #Occupy Phoenix camp with AR-15’s.

    Neo-Nazi Jason Todd (J.T.) Ready pictured on left patrolling the Occupy Phoenix protest and on right at Southern Poverty Law Center website.

    Of course, since this was not a tea party rally the story was never picked up by the liberal media.

Good grief. This must be the most desperate and dishonest attempt at spinning away a killer’s right wing connections I’ve seen yet.

Hoft is in total denial mode. he does not account for the pictures and video of Ready at conservative Republican events or the official record of him as a former Republican precinct committeeman. If that were not enough one of Ready’s friends has a blog where I found these, The Late J.T. Ready. . . A Most Misunderstood American Patriot

The vast majority of conservative lean way too far Right, but they are not Nazis. I prefer historian Robert Paxton’s term proto-fascist. Strongly authoritarian, but most conservatives are not Mr Ready or his white supremacist and apologist friend. Hoft goes too far. He wants not only to deny the facts about Ready’s classifications with Republicans, but classify him as belonging to those people over there. Hoft should have acknowledged the facts and condemned Ready. Hoft’s commenters, like most conservatives have bought into the Goldberg liberalism is fascism meme. Nazism has facets of various political movements, but one thing it was not was liberal.

“There are two ways to make a revolution,” the newly-named Reich Minister said. “One can fire at the opponent with machine guns until he recognizes the superiority of those who have the machine guns. That is the simplest way. One can also transform a nation through a revolution of the spirit, not destroying the opponent, but winning him over. We National Socialists have gone the second way, and will continue on it. Our first task in this ministry will be to win the whole people for the new state. We want to replace ‘liberal’ thinking with a sense of community that includes the whole people.” Nazi broadcaster Hans Fritzsche praising Joesph Goebbels. How can you tell you’re arguing with a conservative who has the same subtle grasp of history as a dead China berry tree? They’ll point out that the official name of the Nazi Party was National Socialists. Socialists equals liberal in conservative clown town. Thus liberals are Nazis.

“The destructive effects of the past liberal era had especially serious effects on the German newspaper system. Anyone, even foreigners and those foreign to the German spirit, could with no regard for the people or the state write whatever he wanted about any political question, even if that which he wrote offered foreign opponents all possible support and aid.” -Nazi broadcaster Hans Fritzsche again in praise of Nazi Propaganda Minister Joesph Goebbels.

Forty thousand people gather to hear German propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels speak in Berlin’s Opera Square. Goebbels condemns works written by Jews, liberals, leftists, pacifists, foreigners, and others as “un-German.” Nazi students begin burning books. Libraries across Germany are purged of “censored” books. Goebbels proclaims the “cleansing of the German spirit.”

One of the very first things Hitler did when he came to power was ban labor unions. Difficult to have a liberal state when you gut the power of workers to pacify business interests.


One last article. Maybe the best one on the subject: Obama’s Composite Girlfriend: How Politico and Drudge Created Fake News

Today was an exception — we can trace exactly how the false claim that Obama lied about his college girlfriends in his memoir got started. Rock-star journalist and presidential biographer David Maraniss has uncovered new information about President Obama, which he’s publishing in a forthcoming book. Vanity Fair has published an excerpt from the book, which focuses on Obama’s college girlfriends. Maraniss managed to contact Genevieve Cook, who dated the future president at Columbia University, and she turned over her diary to him. It’s an interesting look at the young Obama, and there are some cringeworthy revelations — first and foremost, that Obama responded to “I love you” with “thank you” (though really, what college guy isn’t afraid of commitment?) and, even worse, some just awful, pretentious, gibberish analysis of T.S. Eliot. The Atlantic Wire has more on the excerpt.

All well and good. Here’s where things go wrong: Politico media reporter Dylan Byers wrote a post, timestamped 12:08 p.m., with the headline, “Obama: ‘New York girlfriend’ was composite.” Here are the first two paragraphs:

One of the more mysterious characters from President Obama’s 1995 autobiography Dreams From My Father is the so-called ‘New York girlfriend.’ Obama never referred to her by name, or even by psuedonym, but he describes her appearance, her voice, and her mannerisms in specific detail.

But Obama has now told biographer David Maraniss that the ‘New York girlfriend’ was actually a composite character, based off of multiple girlfriends he had both in New York City and in Chicago.

Sounds like a pretty big deal, right? While the authors of literary memoirs are sometimes cut some slack, it’d be major news if the president of the United States was just now admitting that a character in his highly lauded, bestselling autobiography was fabricated, and only after being caught red-handed.

If you read Dreams From My Father (embarrassing disclosure: I have not), you may have already gotten to the punchline: Obama is clear at the start of the book that certain characters are composites, writing, “For the sake of compression, some of the characters that appear are composites of people I’ve known, and some events appear out of precise chronology.” Someone eventually pointed this out to Byers, and Politico added this doozy of an update-and-correction at the bottom:

UPDATE: In the reissue of “Dreams from My Father,” Obama writes in the introduction that “some of the characters that appear are composites of people I’ve known.”

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this blog post stated that Obama had acknowledged using composite characters in the reissue. In fact, Obama acknowledged the use of composite characters in the first edition of the book.

That’s misleading; both of those are really corrections. Taken together, they fundamentally undermine the premise of the item.

One other reason to make – and certainly to acknowledged composite character – as Obama did, is to allow the real people some privacy. We might be friends, but should you become a U.S. Senator some day or president, Like a lot of people I do not think that means I should be featured in a book and hounded by the press when it really isn’t necessary.

Blue Water Bubbles wallpaper – Conservatism is Clueless, Remorseless and Impotent

Blue Water Bubbles wallpaper. Also looks look upside down, for those who would prefer the dark blue at the bottom of their screen.

Jennifer Rubin belongs in the conservative hack pundits hall of fame. So I use this excerpt with that caution in mind. EXCLUSIVE: Richard Grenell hounded from Romney campaign by anti-gay conservatives By Jennifer Rubin

In a statement obtained by Right Turn, Grenell says:

I have decided to resign from the Romney campaign as the Foreign Policy and National Security Spokesman. While I welcomed the challenge to confront President Obama’s foreign policy failures and weak leadership on the world stage, my ability to speak clearly and forcefully on the issues has been greatly diminished by the hyper-partisan discussion of personal issues that sometimes comes from a presidential campaign. I want to thank Governor Romney for his belief in me and my abilities and his clear message to me that being openly gay was a non-issue for him and his team.

No one should be fired from their job because they are gay, Latino, a Caucasian male or have a butterfly tattoo on their thigh. or any other silly reason that has nothing to do with their qualifications for the job. That said i refuse to shed any tears of outrage over the gay male version of Ann Coulter. That hyperbole about President Obama serves as a good example. Other than being gay Richard Grenell is like every other conservative, a hateful ideologue, a cult member of the voodoo economics club, a war monger, a serial liar, someone who holds ideals about integrity in utter contempt, a cheap shot artist incapable of even comprehending the complexities and ramifications of public policy, a dullard who wants desperately to be thought of as cool, a smiley faced right-wing loon and a purveyor of misogyny ( his infamous Tweets deleted to avoid embarrassing conservatives who claim they have not declared war on women). Unlike the average person fired from a job, Grenell will continue to live a lush lifestyle on the conservative welfare circuit churning out sleazy media ads for the next generation of Dick Cheneys. Plenty of things going on in the world that deserve genuine outrage, little Richie’s latest soap opera is not one of them.

Tea Partiers Who Opposed Bank Bailout Take Campaign Donations From Bailed-Out Banks

The 10 freshmen Republicans on the House Financial Services Committee who have Tea Party backing have taken more than $100,000 from the political action committees affiliated with JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, and Goldman Sachs…

The big banks are giving to Romney at three times the rate they are giving to President Obama. The tea baggers never stood for change o accountability. They are the ones that succeeded in watering down financial reform. Thus to day we have much of the same too big to fail threats to the economy as we did five years ago.

Barack Obama Killed Osama Bin Laden. Period. It was a bold, even risky decision, but he made it.

The Republicans have glommed on to a neat rhetorical trick: When Barack Obama does something indisputably admirable or effective, simply pretend that he had nothing to do with it.

This ploy was first trotted out in the aftermath of Moamar Qaddafi’s downfall in Libya, when Obama’s former presidential rival, Sen. John McCain, gave all the credit to the French.

Now Mitt Romney, this year’s presumptive GOP nominee, is waving off Obama’s role in the killing of Osama Bin Laden—the president’s signal national-security achievement—by chortling that “any thinking American would have ordered the exact same thing,” even Jimmy Carter.

Two new investigative reports—a book by Peter Bergen, Manhunt: The Ten-Year Search for Bin Laden from 9/11 to Abbottabad, and an article by Graham Allison in the May 7 issue of Time—thoroughly rebut that notion.

Far from the no-brainer that Romney depicts, the secret, high-level discussions leading up to the raid were fraught with intense debate and uncertainty—and Obama’s final decisions, on both whether and how to attack, went against some of his top advisers’ recommendations.

According to Fred Kaplan and his sources even Bush’s former Secretary of Defense and Obama’s current Secretary of Defense Robert Gates were worried that sending in a special-ops team might turn into another failed operation like the attempted rescue of hostages in Iran in the 1970s. Romney has literally suggested that he might go to war – start dropping bombs on Iran, North Korea and Russia ( Russia is back sliding into a corrupt authoritarian state, but Romney is under the impression that our relations with them are still at Cold War levels). So those that want to talk – as Mr. Grenell above has – about who is a wise, mature and steady hand on foreign policy, one cannot point to Mittens and say he is talking sane, much less presidential on foreign policy. Just as Romney has plans to double down on Bush/conservative supply-side economic policy, Romney has surrounded himself with neocons from the Bush administration for his foreign policy team.

If I was not so familiar with the shallowness of their honor, the non-existence of their genuineness and the long history of contradictory political philosophy, I would be shocked at conservatives. I would be shocked that they are apologizing to Pakistan and the rest of the world for all the trouble America, President Obama and SEAL Team Six caused for killing on of the worse terrorists in history. I would be shocked that they are showing the world’s terrorists a weak knee America afraid to kill terrorists because it creates a public perception problem for Conservatives. What we are seeing is the back-handed acknowledgement of conservatives that they just cannot cut it on national security and they’re deeply embarrassed. Embarrassment frequently reveals itself as impotent rage:  Republicans Wouldn’t, Couldn’t, Shouldn’t Get Bin Laden

On Friday, the still bitter McCain declared, “Shame on Barack Obama for diminishing the memory of September 11th and the killing of Osama bin Laden by turning it into a cheap political attack ad.” For his part, the 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney scoffed that “even Jimmy Carter would have given that order.” Unfortunately for the Republican propaganda machine, we know that neither John McCain nor Mitt Romney would have supported the Special Forces strike deep in Pakistan. We know this, because they told us so.

McCain Said He Wouldn’t Go After Bin Laden in Pakistan.
Romney Said We Shouldn’t Go After Bin Laden in Pakistan.
Bush Couldn’t Get Bin Laden, Period.

The record of conservative failure in every aspect of governing from the economy, to education, to job creation, to the environment, to national security, to health care for working Americans might be one of the reasons they have intensified their efforts to have government control of every uterus in the U.S. They cannot seem to be able to succeed at anything except redistributing the wealth of the middle-class and blue-collar workers to millionaires. So maybe they see the uterus as a chance to succeed at something, to finally have command over one thing.

Top Romney Donor Pens Book Arguing We Need More Income Inequality

That income inequality is crushing the middle class and its political power. But don’t tell that to Edward Conard, a top donor to presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney who gained notoriety during the campaign as a million-dollar mystery donor who set up a shell company to shield his identity. Conard, a former director at the Romney-founded Bain Capital, is working on a new book in which he argues that income inequality is a good thing, and what the U.S. really needs is more of it, the New York Times’ Adam Davidson reports:

Unlike his former colleagues, Conard wants to have an open conversation about wealth. He has spent the last four years writing a book that he hopes will forever change the way we view the superrich’s role in our society. “Unintended Consequences: Why Everything You’ve Been Told About the Economy Is Wrong,” to be published in hardcover next month by Portfolio, aggressively argues that the enormous and growing income inequality in the United States is not a sign that the system is rigged. On the contrary, Conard writes, it is a sign that our economy is working. And if we had a little more of it, then everyone, particularly the 99 percent, would be better off. This could be the most hated book of the year.

Conard instead argues that income inequality helps everyone because investors grow wealthy by creating products that benefit the 99 percent. Though that is certainly true to an extent, Conard’s line of thinking leads to the supply-side policies that are proven failures at “growing the pie” for everyone.

Like every Democrat I know I like money. I think Wall Street is capable of creating good. Conard and many of the greedy crony capitalistic on Wall Street takes things a bridge too far. Conard will not acknowledge that when they started selling derivatives – a form of insurance for investments – that Wall St did so without having the capital to pay off those derivatives if something crazy happened – like the housing market hit a slump. He, Romney and the tea smokers want a Wall St that runs like an unregulated casino. I want one that respects the hard work and savings of all the workers that create the capital that makes every penny of wealth on Wall St possible. Conard and Romney think just alike. They should be treated like bank robbers out on parole, not allowed within 100 yards of a bank, much less the nation’s economy. One of the best responses to Conard and his crony corporatism is from Forbes of all places, Three Reasons Bain Capitalnomics Fails

It’s understandable why the Romney campaign is now distancing itself from Conard’s ideas. Here are three of the biggest intellectual low-lights produced by this Harvard Business School graduate.

1. Income inequality makes the economy work. Conrad contends that income inequality is better for everyone. If this is so, it would help to learn his explanation of why income inequality peaked in the U.S. at two points in its history that preceded the worst economic collapses in the last hundred years — 1928 and 2007.

[  ]…2. Google (GOOG) and Wall Street have the same social benefit. Conard quite seriously conflates the truly beneficial technologies discovered and marketed by Silicon Valley with what Wall Street does. He believes that they both make their executives rich and make consumers better off in the bargain.

This argument is wrong on at least two levels. First, while Google has made people far more productive, Wall Street is a cancer on society — it enriches its executives when times are good, siphons off fees from consumers in exchange for holding on to their money, and when it borrows too much money — which it does every decade or so — government bails it out. ( the very wealthy – Conard belongs to the upper 0.1% are as motivated by ego and power as they say they are by profits. Not creating benefits for mankind – that’s according to studies)

[   ]….3. Statistics are the best way to bag a mate. To find his wife, Conard used a statistical system. This involved several steps: market sizing: calculate the number of potential mates in your geographic area using demographic data; calibration: “dating as many people as you can so that you have a sense of what the marriage marketplace is like;” and selection: picking a permanent mate.

Too bad Marie Antoinette is dead, they would have been a great match – statistically speaking of course – in terms of promulgating the genes of the clueless.