Fox News and The Republican National Committee Vindicate President Obama’s Build It Speech

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Recently Fox News of all places, and joined by the Republican Party, Mitt Romney and Romney’s PAC ads have joined in to vindicate President Obama’s speech that has become known as the Build it speech. First what the President actually said,

 If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help.  There was a great teacher somewhere in your life.  Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive.  Somebody invested in roads and bridges.  If you’ve got a business. you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen.  The Internet didn’t get invented on its own.  Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.

The point is, is that when we succeed, we succeed because of our individual initiative, but also because we do things together.  There are some things, just like fighting fires, we don’t do on our own.  I mean, imagine if everybody had their own fire service.  That would be a hard way to organize fighting fires.

Even though some readers may consider the wording awkward it is clear when he say “that” he is referring to roads and bridges – the infrastructure that allows business to transport goods and customers to buy goods and services. There have been attempts to undermine the whole speech with the counter argument that we do not “do things together”. The latter is just as absurd as twisting the build it remarks wildly out of context. We first have Fox News arguing that yep, gov’mint needs to get in there and do something, You Didn’t Build That: Fox News & The Bridge To Grandma’s House

Fox News’ campaign to pretend President Obama insulted American ingenuity when he told voters no one individual built the “unbelievable American system” of roads and bridges, public schools and the Internet, ran into a roadblock today when they reported on the bridge to grandma’s house.

Bob and Connie Bushner have been embroiled in a lawsuit with Ozark County, MO officials over replacing a bridge to their property that washed away in 2010. According to the Ozark County Times, the county has maintained the bridge on and off for years, even though the bridge resides on land owned by the Army Corps of Engineers.

The Bushners, the only residents at the end of the bridge, appeared on Fox & Friends to explain their struggles with the county over replacing that bridge. According to Connie Bushner, the family has been forced to pilot their grandchildren across the creek on an ATV in order to visit. “It’s treacherous,” she said.

Gretchen Carlson was aghast: “It seems crazy that you are stranded in your own home.”

But curiously, she concluded the segment by reporting, “It seems like it’s a mess, because the county claims the bridge is the responsibility of the Army Corps of Engineers, and the Army Corps claims that it’s the county. In the meantime you guys remain stranded.”

Another thing stranded here is logical consistency.

Shouldn’t Carlson be hopping mad that the government would be asked to rebuild a bridge?

After all, Fox News has been stoking outrage for weeks that President Obama insulted business owners by saying they didn’t build the roads and bridges that help them bring goods to market and that bring customers to their stores.

The outrage Fox spent so much time and energy manufacturing takes center stage at the GOP convention next week, with the cynical theme “We Built It.”

Granted, taxpayers built and own the NHL stadium that will host the convention, redesigned Tampa’s highways and byways that convention goers will use to get to that publicly funded stadium, and will foot the bill for the security that will keep those convention-goers safe.

Never mind all that. “You Didn’t Build That” is a Fox News/GOP brand.

Just don’t tell grandma.

I have some sympathy for the Bushners. I went through that phase where I thought how nice it would be to have a rural cabin with all the peace and quiet. Though it is clear in their case that in order to afford easy access to and from their home they need the resources of the local or federal government. Now if Fox and conservatives have the genuine conviction that no American ever needs gov’mint help than, under that blanket of ideological conviction the Bushners need to start building their own bridge. Right after the build it speech Romney started running some  dishonest ads that were carefully edited deceptive video that had President Obama saying that business owners do not build their businesses. Who did Romney have in the ads? Businesses – that also happen to be extreme partisan conservatives – that relied heavily on government contracts. That should be enough dishonesty and hypocrisy to make anyone with a conscience reconsider putting words in the president’s mouth or deceptively editing video, an oh, making sure that featured speakers at the RNC convention are monuments to the complete and utter self sufficiency fantasy-land of conservative rhetoric: How She “Built It”: Fox’s RNC Theme Undercut By Key Speaker’s Business Success

On the day that the GOP convention will tout Fox-fueled myth “We Built It” as its primary theme, Delaware Lt. Gov. candidate and small business owner Sher Valenzuela is slated to deliver a speech about small business issues. But contrary to the evening’s theme, Valenzuela’s company, First State Manufacturing, has received millions of dollars in federal loans and contracts. Valenzuela has not only attributed her success in part to this outside assistance, but urged other small business owners to follow the same strategy of seeking government funds.

M’s Valenzuela and the brain trusts that picked her should get some kind of bronze Build It award for utter cognitive dissonance. Not only does she owe the government for the start up funds for her business ( a SMA loan), but she also does presentations, complete with slide show on how to get government loans and contracts – it can be viewed at the link. At this juncture if you put this all on in a screenplay people would think they were watching some outlandish satire adapted from the Daily Show or Saturday Night Live brought to the local cineplex. All of this must be some kind of absurd comedy unfolding, not real life events. Who would believe that people say and do these things, than act as though they are still stone cold right about what they believe. Just in today, Who Built That? Fox Hypes Romney Op-Ed That Touts Businesses Receiving Government Money

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade called an op-ed written by Mitt Romney touting lessons learned from his experience investing in companies at Bain Capital “brilliantly written.” But unmentioned by Fox is the fact that many of the companies Romney touted have benefitted from government largesse.

Brian Kilmeade thinks sliced white bread is brilliant. If you took the number of times that Kilmeade has said “I don’t get it” on their morning show over the last ten years, you’d have at least an hour worth of what he considers deep insights. He is as bright as rape specialist Todd Akins.

In his op-ed, Romney stated that during his days at Bain Capital, he learned that “A good idea is not enough for a business to succeed. It requires a talented team, a good business plan and capital to execute it.” Romney then proceeded to list several companies that he invested in at Bain. But many of those companies have relied on government funds or special tax breaks as part of their business model:

Steel Dynamics. The Los Angeles Times reported that when Bain made its investments in Indiana-based Steel Dynamics, state and county officials “pledged $37 million in subsidies and grants for the $385-million plant project.” The Times also reported: “The county also levied a new income tax to finance infrastructure improvements to benefit the steel mill over the heated objections of some county residents.” Furthermore, Steel Dynamics had also successfully petitioned the federal government to levy tariffs on a foreign competitor in 2000.

Staples. Staples directly relies on government money for part of its revenue. Indeed, it has programs to woo state, local, and federal agencies to buy products from Staples. It even has a separate website dedicated to providing customer service to its federal government clients.

Bright Horizons. Bright Horizons has a number of federal contracts to run daycare centers around the country on behalf of federal agencies. It also runs daycare centers on behalf of Cook County, IL.

In a poll that came out late yesterday or this morning that gives President Obama the edge on likability. I can understand that. I disagree with him on some things, but there is little denying that he is a decent likeable guy. Yet potential voters give the guy with Swiss bank accounts and a career that entailed nothing but crony vulture capitalism the edge on economics. Romney knows how to game the system to make himself and a few investors very wealthy. Is he going to stripe down America, sell off part of it, than dump the country for a profit. That is what he knows how to do. In no way does that translate into governing a country. We a democratic republic, not a office supply company. Americans should be insulted and deeply concerned that he and his supporters see the USA as just another opportunity to offshore jobs, cut what they see as waste (seniors, low skilled labor, the working poor, the struggling middle-class, students unsure of whether their college loans will pay off, the disabled) and America as some inefficient machine that needs to be whipped into shape. of course conservatives – the same ones that hated him during the primaries – have drunk the kool-aid and they are probably the ones who lick up every lie Romney tells, Romney’s Lying Machine or how to run a morally corrupt campaign,

I’ve been struck by the baldness of Romney’s repetitive lies about Obama — that Obama ended the work requirement under welfare, for example, or that Obama’s Affordable Care Act cuts $716 billion from Medicare benefits.

The mainstream media along with a half-dozen independent fact-checking organizations and sites have called Romney on these whoppers, but to no avail. He keeps making these assertions.

Every campaign is guilty of exaggerations, embellishments, distortions, and half-truths. But this is another thing altogether. I’ve been directly involved in seven presidential campaigns, and I don’t recall a presidential candidate lying with such audacity, over and over again. Why does he do it, and how can he get away with it?

The obvious answer is such lies are effective. Polls show voters are starting to believe them, especially in swing states where they’re being repeated constantly in media spots financed by Romney’s super PAC or ancillary PACs and so-called “social welfare” organizations (political fronts disguised as charities, such as Karl Rove and the Koch brothers have set up).

Romney’s lying machine is extraordinarily well financed. By August, according to Jane Mayer in her recent New Yorker article, at least 33 billionaires had each donated a quarter of a million dollars or more to groups aiming to defeat Obama – with most of it flooding into attack ads in swing states.

I wonder if swing voters have pondered this situation and its irrationality. We have billionaires  – people with a thousand million dollars – complaining that the country is going to hell in hand basket. Of course they are humans and can suffer physical pain like everyone else, but other than that how are they suffering. They could have a few more million if Paul Ryan gets his way and gives them another tax cut. To buy what then, that they cannot buy now? What they seem to be aiming for is a plantation style USA. One where they have all the economic and political power. They’re like heroin addicts, only instead of drugs, they will never have enough money, and the power that goes with it. It is the opposite of Paul Ryan’s hero John Galt. In the real world the everyday American workers who are the producers become the servants of the real life Galts who never do any actual work. Corporate Profits Rebound But Household Income Falls In Wake Of Great Recession.

Corporate profits are at record levels, reaching an all-time high of 11 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product in July. But instead of re-investing that cash into jobs that will help the economy recover, corporations are sitting on cash — the members of the Standard and Poor’s 500 held $800 billion in cash in June 2011.

How can wackos like the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, Mitt Romney the 33 billionaires and all the conservative pundits look at information like that and conclude, yep Democrats are turning America into a Marxist wasteland.