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Sailing Ships Armada wallpaper


I had to do some stuff today that I have been putting off for a while so I don’t have time for a regular post.

A must read story by  Jonathan Cohn, A Desperate, Deceptive Gambit for Romney in Ohio

How desperate is Mitt Romney to win Ohio? Before you answer, pay attention to what he and his campaign have been saying about the auto industry in the last few days.

As you may have heard, Romney on Thursday scared the bejeezus out of Ohio autoworkers when, during a rally, he cited a story claiming that Chrysler was moving Jeep production to China. Thousands of people work at a sprawling Jeep complex in Toledo and a nearby machining plant. Many thousands more work for suppliers or have jobs otherwise dependent on the Jeep factories. It’s fair to say that they owe their jobs to President Obama, who in 2009 rescued Chrysler and General Motors from likely liquidation. If Chrysler moved the plants overseas, most of those people would be out of work.

The story turns out to be wrong. As Chrysler made clear the very next day, in a tartly worded blog post on the company website, officials have discussed opening plants in China in order to meet rising demand for vehicles there. They have no plans to downsize or shutter plants in the U.S. On the contrary, Fiat, the Italian company that acquired Chrysler during the rescue, just spent $1.7 billion to expand Jeep production in the U.S.

Romney’s campaign has struck back, basically claiming yea but Mitt was telling the truth if you look at the story through the the same candy colored kaleidoscope that Mitty used.

Romney on disaster relief: ‘We can’t afford to do those things’

And what would a President Romney be doing in such a situation? If you take him at his word, he would prefer to be doing little or nothing.

Back during the Republican primary season, in the wake of devastating tornadoes that hit Louisiana, Missouri and Tennessee, Mitt Romney strongly endorsed the idea of ending federal disaster-relief programs and devolving that job to the states. As I pointed out in a blogpost at the time, that’s a dangerous proposal, because a state that has just been hit hard by a major natural disaster simply does not have the financial resources necessary to respond on the necessary scale.

You have to go out and tackle life on your own just like Mitt, with financial help from dad and friends, and government subsidies. Treat companies like fruit to be squeezed and employees like so much extra baggage. Mitt’s vision of himself and America. In other words there is nothing there that a patriot would recognize as true American values.

Linda McMahon (CT), Republican Senate Candidate’s Company Collected Millions In State Subsidies While Laying Off Workers. Do Republicans own mirrors? Do they ever have the courage to take an honest look at themselves. Do they know what humility is?


From Meteor Blades, If you think Mitt Romney’s lies and secrets are bad now, just wait. Republicans should get up every morning and be thankful that the most arrogant mendacity is not a capital crime or death row would be full.

There is a psychological phenomenon known as the bandwagon effect. Conservatives are well aware of it, thus the flood of stories from the right-wing noise machine about how well Mitt is doing. Nate Silver singlehandedly dismantling the myth of Mitt-mentum