Winter Snow wallpaper – The Cult of Conservatism Discards Facts and Humanity in Favor of Ideological Purity

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In the total scheme of things former representative Allen West is not very important. It is not much more important than Joe the UnCertified Plumber (Sam Wurzelbacher), remember him? West will become another Sarah Palin, throwing flames from the benches while he lives on the nice retirement and medical benefits provided by tax payers, and makes the rounds of the wing-nut welfare circuit. That he is a good example, almost conservative textbook of the bubble of cognitive dissonance in which conservatives live. Allen West Thinks He is Just Another Abraham Lincoln 

WEST: Well, I think the most important thing that has to happen up here in Washington D.C. is to restore honor, integrity, and character to the political system and process that we have. And also, we have to make sure that people are here for, not their self-interest or special interests, but for the American interest.

Like the movement to which he belongs, West has some disturbing ideas about what exactly constitutes honor, integrity and character. He was discharged from the military for violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice . Unlike the regular character assassinations in which West engages the military went out of its way to be more than far, otherwise West would have been Court marshaled and not eligible for his military retirement benefits. West learned nothing from the generosity from which he benefited. During his tenure as a Congressional representative he told an audience of supporters there were 80 House Democrats that belonged to the Communist Party. As usual, there was no burden of proof on West. If a Democrats had said that they knew that 80 Republican members of Congress belonged to the Nazi Party, they would have flogged by other Democrats and the media. West does adhere to the beliefs of what historian William Paxton called proto-fascism. West joined in with the general hysteria of the radical Right when he called the Dream Act a voter fraud conspiracy. Part and parcel of the Right’s eliminationist rhetoric. West also claimed that food stamps, typically an allowance of about $4.00 a day for the working poor, a form of “enslavement”. This is the bizzaro world of conservatism – people are not seeking better paying jobs because of the high life they live on $4 a day. never mind that if companies like Wal-Mart, McDonald’s and Papa Johns paid a living wage people would not need food assistance. In the same vein West also said Obama supporters are a “threat to the gene pool”. I know a pretty wide range of Obama supporters from office cubicle jockeys to nurses, retired military to scientists to truck drivers. None of them are perfect, but they are basically good hard-working Americans. I have never heard one of them slander conservatives in the same way that WW II era fascist did to Jews, intellectuals, homosexuals and labor unions. During the election cycle conservatives kept denying that Republicans had declared war on women or gays, West told a conservative conference that liberal women “have been neutering American men and bringing us to the point of this incredible weakness’ and West criticized openly gay Rep. Barney Frank’s (D-MA) congressional tenure earlier this year. “[He’s] a guy who for all practical purposes should be in a pink jumpsuit for what he did.” West doesn’t want gay men wearing pink triangles, he just wants them to wear pink jumpsuits. West might be one of the most vocal and obnoxious members of the radical Right, but he is far from special. Unfortunately, the conservative movement is filled with Allens. Allen West and his clones would probably be considered honorable, have integrity and character on some planet, just not earth.

Conservative pundits have no sense of shame or remorse for the lies they shoved down America’s throat, FLASHBACK: When Krauthammer Excused Condi Rice For Pushing “Defective” Iraq War Intelligence

With the Republican witch hunt against Ambassador Susan Rice showing no signs of abating as they try to derail her possible nomination as Secretary of State, let’s consider some additional context surrounding the attacks and examine how Charles Krauthammer has altered his view on the central issue.

This is from a Washington Post column he wrote in January 2005, expressing dismay that Democrats were raising doubts about Condoleezza Rice’s qualifications to be Secretary of State, in the wake of her role in marketing the Iraq War [emphasis added]:

Mark Dayton of Minnesota accused her of lying in order to persuade the American people to go to war — a charge that is not just false but that most Americans don’t believe. Rice was not a generator of intelligence. She was a consumer — of a highly defective product.

Note the very specific point Krauthammer made as he tried to minimize Rice’s central role in the unpopular invasion. The columnist and Fox News talker stressed that Rice didn’t generate the intelligence about Iraq, which turned out to be “high defective,” she merely consumed it.

And because she had merely consumed, and then marketed, bad intelligence about Iraq (“We don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud”), Condoleezza Rice wasn’t really culpable, which according to Krauthammer meant Democrats were misguided in their criticism of her.


Of course, that conservative spin now seems entirely disingenuous given the fact that a legion of right-wing pundits, including most of the Fox News on-air staff, are waging a war against Susan Rice not for being a “generator” of defective intelligence about the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, but for consuming it.

Related to the concerted and baseless attacks on Amb. Susan Rice is the possibility she will be the next Secretary of State. While she is qualified for the position and would make a good SOS, John Kerry (D-MA) is also said to be in the running. Whether Rice becomes SOS or not is not all that important. There are plenty of qualified Democrats for that position. Though making Kerry SOS seems like an awful idea. That means a Democratic seat in the Senate will be up for special election. Kerry himself should make it known that it is a terrible idea. he is a very good Senator and losing him would weaken a currently strong Democratic Senate. How is it that Democratic leadership has not let it be known how counter productive this would be. Since leadership at least stops by Kos and Talking Points Memo I wish that someone over there would make the case to go with Rice and just about anyone else but a Democratic Senator. And certainly Bush’s then National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice knowingly lied to Congress and the public about Iraq. For her lies, or incompetence, Bush awarded her with the job as SOS. Just as Allen West has some dark perverse ideas about honor, conservatives in general have some wacky ideas about merit.

The Republican Speaker of the House is like one of those monkeys with their hands over their ears and eyes, clueless: John Boehner(R-OH), No ‘Difference’ If Revenue Comes From Middle Class Or Super Rich

CHIRS WALLACE (HOST): You talked about the fact that the President won and you came out with a concession the day after the election and they point out that the president campaigned on raising tax rates, you know, and it was the big issue, between him and Romney, and, they say, just as he had to cave, after your victory, in the 2010 midterms, now, it is your turn to cave on tax rates.

BOEHNER: Listen, what is this difference where the money comes from? We put $800 billion worth of revenue, which is what he is asking for, out of eliminating the top two tax rates. But, here’s the problem, Chris, when you go and increase tax rates, you make it more difficult for our economy to grow, after that income, the small business income, it is going to get taxed at a higher rate and as a result we’re gonna see slower economic growth, we can’t cut our way out of this problem, nor can we grow our way out of the problem, we have to have a balanced approach and what the President wants to do will slow or economy at a time when he says he wants the economy to grow and create jobs.

Despite Boehner’s rhetoric, there is no economic evidence to suggest that taxing income above $250,000 hurts the economy. In fact, business thrived during President Clinton’s tenure, as the wealthy paid more.

There is a clear “difference” to where the “money comes from,” however, and asking higher-income Americans who have benefited the most to pay more is fairer than gutting critical entitlement programs during a slow economic recovery. While middle-class incomes have stagnated, America’s top income bracket has enjoyed a period of exceptionally low tax rates thanks largely to caps on investment income and tax cuts put in place by former president George W. Bush. These super-rich Americans have fared well under President Obama, too; corporate profits are skyrocketing and the total number of millionaires in the US has exploded during his term.

The conservative movement’s beliefs are akin to flat earthers or people who thought the moon was made out of cheese. No scientific evidence to contrary will convince them to give up their weird dogma. We just had senate Republican leadership try to suppress yet another report showing no connection between low taxes and increased economic prosperity. Here McConnell (R-KY), in his new counter offer to President Obama, would rather raise the Social Security retirement age than make the Koch brothers pay 3.5% more in taxes.