Ocean Waves and Sea Wall wallpaper – Conservatives Count Mendacity As a Value

Ocean Waves and Sea Wall wallpaper

Ocean Waves and Sea Wall wallpaper


Lying is part of the human condition. Children start lying or engaging in deceptive behavior as young 2 or 3. Some studies have broken down the lies into type. One is the type of lies children and adults tell everyday. You love your boss’s new idea or sure spending the holidays with your in-laws will be great. Not to brush them off or encourage, those kinds of lies are an inevitable part of life. They might save your job, your relationship and they are frequently used to keep from telling a truth that will hurt someone’s feelings. These lies also generally fall under the personal lies category. They can be earth shattering, but generally are not. Then there are the big lies with consequences. Those big lies told from a massive soap box like a TV network are deceive and hurt millions of people. Bill O’Reilly: The “Judeo-Christian Tradition In This Country Is Under Attack” And Ministers Must Fight Back. if you did one of those people-on-street interviews, most people would probably define Judeo-Christian Tradition as basically embodying the Ten Commandments and you know, that part about lying. Telling that kind of lie to a large audience without any evidence or compelling logic is ironic coming from anyone, much less from a commentator who has made millions telling it like it, being fair and balanced and telling his audience the unvarnished truth. Part of having values, positive ethical values anyway is not something that O’Reilly should be preaching, considering his very recent record alone: Bill O’Reilly Erases Bush’s Debt To Launch False Attack On Obama

Bill O’Reilly deleted almost the entire tenure of George W. Bush to falsely allege that President Obama has borrowed more money than all past presidents combined.

During his Fox News program, O’Reilly criticized Obama over the size of the national debt and claimed, “It is hard to believe, but in the last four years, the Obama administration has borrowed more money than every other president combined.” Yet O’Reilly then described that time frame as being “from George Washington through the first five months of Bush the younger’s administration.”

Perhaps O’Reilly chose to exclude the majority of Bush’s presidency to avoid acknowledging that the national debt nearly doubled during Bush’s two terms. According to the Treasury Department’s daily debt calculator, when Bush took office on January 20, 2001, total debt stood at $5.728 trillion. The national debt on January 20, 2009, Bush’s last day in office, was $10.627 trillion.

O’Reilly claims Obama “borrowed more money than every other president combined”; if this were true, Obama would have added more than $10.627 trillion to the debt during his tenure. But as of publishing, the Treasury Department calculator states the debt is $16.338 trillion — which means it increased less than six trillion dollars under Obama.

Spending during the Obama presidency has been smaller as a percent of GDP than under Bush and a Republican Congress (chart via the NYT). O’Reilly also joined in the same interview spreading the much repeated lie by conservatives that Sandra Fluke thought the gov’mint should  hand out free contraceptives to everyone. Which is not a bad idea. Conservatives keep saying they are concerned about illegitimate births and abortion, well free contraceptives are one way to help lower those rates. They also took the opportunity to repeat the Romney campaign lie that President ahead gutted the work requirement rules in order to receive income assistance for families with children. O’Reilly, Krauthammer, Limbaugh and Romney have all used their extraordinary public access to sell themselves to the American public as pillars of values. What values would those be. Are the Big Lies they tell, and tell often part of those values or are they part of the deep moral corruption of the conservative movement. O’Reilly and all the usual conservative blogs recently suffered an episode of Republican Exploding Head Syndrome when Fordham banned Ann Coulter from speaking. The only problem with that is that O’Reilly and company were telling the country they claim to care so much about, another lie, O’Reilly lies about Fordham. No one “banned” Ann Coulter from Fordham. Why would O’Reilly besmirch a Catholic school like that?

The debacle should have been embarrassing for the prime-time host of a top-rated if now flailing news show. But O’Reilly reunited with Watters in the studio, after Watters did all the work on the segment, however poorly, and they yucked it up on set. “I asked McShane … Mr. McShane or Dr. McShane or whatever you are … to come on the show,” he said. Actually, Bill, we call him Father McShane, for the record. But O’Reilly said he couldn’t get the university president to appear because, of course,  “you can’t defend this.”

In fact, you can’t defend it,  because it didn’t happen. But you can explain the facts, as McShane did in his original letter to campus, and in his follow-up letter praising the college Republicans for voluntarily rescinding their invitation to a woman who’s gotten rich on hating and baiting, rather than on reason and discourse.


If O’Reilly and his cronies want to sit around the house enveloped in the intoxicating cloud of conservative spin, slander and character assassination – well that would not be in accordance with the Christianity or Judaism that most of us are familiar with; nor would it be an example of living one’s life according to some honorable standard. But hey, it’s his life and they say it’s a free country, so they’re welcome to do that. When they repeat these whoppers over and over again in the cause of their ever so moral and righteous political movement, that means they’ve crossed the line into being dangerous zealots. These conservatives are not examples for the nations to follow, they’re daily examples of the kind of sleazebag you hope your children do not grow up to be.

I still pissed at the WaPo’s Dana Milbank for a recent column, but he might have made a good catch here, Conservatives Surrender

One of Boehner’s lieutenants, Pete Roskam of Illinois, stepped to the microphones, essentially pleading for the president to show mercy. “President Obama has an unbelievable opportunity to be a transformational president — that is, to bring the country together,” he said. “Or he can devolve into zero-sum-game politics, where he wins and other people lose.”

The last time president Obama and Democrats tried reaching out to Republicans, the experts in hostage taking, did just that. And gloated about how they’d do it again. Then we had that little election thingy. The results made Republicans pick between a tiny tax hike for some lazy plutocrats and give American workers the social safety net shaft. Cons decided that the tax cuts for plutocrats were holy. Now they can reap what they sowed.

Olive Garden Suffering From Bad PR After Anti-Obamacare Comments

Darden Restaurants, Inc. — owner of Red Lobster and Olive Garden — is battling back negative press attention in light of its October announcement that the company will use Obamacare as a reason to shift to part-time employees.

On Tuesday, the company released a statement revising down its prediction of profits, which led to a huge drop in stocks. Darden attributed the change to the negative attention around its stance on Obamacare, and promised to deal with the health care reform law “in ways that work for our employees“:

“In light of these upcoming changes, we are being cautious about our sales and earnings forecast for the full year,” [Darden’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Clarence Otis] continued. “Our outlook for the year also reflects the potential impact, though difficult to measure, of recent negative media coverage that focused on Darden within the full-service segment and how we might accommodate healthcare reform.” [..]

“We are also committed to accommodating healthcare reform in ways that work for our employees and guests. Darden is a strong business which continues to generate solid cash flows that will support appropriate reinvestment in our brands, effective debt management and consistent dividend growth.”

Darden Inc. made $476m in net income this year. So they could spend $50 million on employee health insurance and still have net income over $400 million. Clarence Otis/Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer made over $8 million in compensation.

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