Winter at Eagle River wallpaper – Republicans Stunned at Specter of Economic Reality

Winter at Eagle River wallpaper

Winter at Eagle River wallpaper


The humiliation of John Boehner. He’s powerless, and his own party continues to make him look like a fool. Maybe he’ll just walk away. I’m not saying that Boehner has not been humiliated, it is just that the conservative threshold for humiliation is more distorted than your average main Street American. This past group of Republicans presidential candidates was a clown car of conservatism. It was remarkably similar to the conservative clown car of candidates in 2008. If you do a Google search for the term conservative clown car you’re get a lot of results from conservative clown blogs. Only their beef was not that these Republicans were not too wacky, it was they were not radical enough. Maybe not your next door neighbor conservatives who really buys into the plastic patriotism sold by Limbaugh and Coulter, but the movement conservatives who run the Republican Partay have made it their goal to destroy everything associated with the New Deal and The Great Society ( Medicare, public education, food assistance, regulating toxic waste, civil rights) for over forty years. People like that do have possess the sense of shame necessary to feel humiliated. The biggest current proof of that is that no Republican faction in the House is calling for Boehner to resign or clamoring for the Speaker position for themselves.

Exactly where Plan B fit into Boehner’s overall strategy was a matter of some debate, but he pressed hard for it and confidently predicted he had the 218 votes needed to pass it. So now we know that not only does Boehner not have sufficient support among Republicans to pass a potential compromise with Obama, he also doesn’t have the support to pass his own plan.

It’s tough to be mindless zealot. The Republican plan has always been to oppose anything Democrats are for. If Democrats liked puppies, Republicans were against puppies. Now they have to change gears or all of the Bush/Obama tax rates return to their 1990s level. In order to stop that they have to agree to a compromise. Compromise or raise everyone’s taxes? The Republican reaction is to act like lab arts running into a maze wall. They just can’t turn away from the wall. They have always run into the wall and always gotten most of what they wanted. So the humiliation is just a side show. They’re dazed and confused that their usual conservative agenda first, America last mentality, is not working. Digby and Matthew Yglesias join in the call for going over the cliff. I hope the President is listening. It would be the best possible outcome for the country and it might just snap conservatives out of their standing coma.

Construction at the moveable dam Chippewa County, Michigan, 1901-02

Lake Superior Power Company, construction at the moveable dam Chippewa County, Michigan, 1901-02. These are the type of American workers Republicans call “terrorists”. Fair wages? Taking breaks to get warm and have some coffee? That’s just Marxist commie statist thinking.

 Wisconsin’s Scott Walker(R) Trusts Teachers with Guns, But Not Collective Bargaining

Giving guns to teachers should be “part of the discussion,” he said [3] on December 19. Walker refused to endorse an assault weapons ban or other limits on the types of guns or ammunition that can be sold.

Teachers Need Guns, Not Unions?

Walker’s infamous Act 10 legislation drastically curtailed the collective bargaining rights of most public employees in the state, prompting months of historic protests and a recall effort. The governor justified the harsh legislation — which he never mentioned during the campaign that installed him in office — largely by demonizing unionized teachers [4] as overpaid and underperforming.

The six teachers killed in the Newtown massacre, all members of an American Federation of Teachers (AFT) union chapter, have been widely praised [5] for their heroism, with many shot while trying to shield their students.

According to polls most Americans want some modest reasonable gun control. Not to take away the gun you keep in the bed side table in case of a home invasion, but like bringing back the assault weapons ban Bush 41 signed into law. While conservatives have extraordinary skills when it comes to twisting themselves into irrational knots, they are truly out doing themselves over even talk of modest regulations, NRA Blames Everything Except Guns: Outdated Video Games, Hurricanes, And Corporate Media Led To Newtown

In a news conference repeatedly interrupted by protesters blaming the NRA for “killing our kids,” LaPierre shoveled out blame far and wide, going after reporters for glorifying killers like Adam Lanza, violent movies, video games, and music videos. He tore into gun safety advocates for exploiting the tragedy for “political gain,” targeted President Obama for underfunding police initiatives in schools, and said that the media demonized “local gun owners” and spread “misinformation and dishonest thinking that only delay meaningful action and all but guarantee that the next violence is a new cycle away.” “Add another hurricane, terrorist attack, or some other natural of man-made disaster, and you’ve got a recipe for a national nightmare of violence and victimization,” he said.

Only gun owners and gun lobbyists — who have spent years easing gun regulations across the country — were spared any responsibility.

Guns do not kill people but video games do. Some liberals will jump on the violent culture bandwagon, but there has never been any proof that adults who watch violent movies and play action oriented games are prone to commit violent acts. And obviously an animate object cannot make anyone do anything, but where there are guns readily available the homicide rate goes up. I cannot find the link now, but one pundit said that this is going to take time. We as a nation have escalated gun possession and gun use as a a way to deal with problems over the last few decades. A little like nuclear arms escalation staring in the 1950s it will take a while for the paranoia and the personal firearms race to trend backwards. On the same day that Waynie Boy made his pathetic speech, 4 dead in Blair Co. shooting; 3 troopers injured. According to Wayne and every other conservative on the net, if everyone was armed we’d all be safe. Than why do armed people keep attacking armed law enforcement officers.

Conservatives frequently live in this bubble of the evils of modernity. An ideological trait they share with fundamentalist Muslims. While only a history buff, from my reading people did not start murdering people with the invention of TV, movies, video games, the contraceptive pill, slick glossy magazines, women’s suffrage or the internet. Humanity has always had a tendency towards violence, semi-automatic weapons just make that tendency easier.

Top Conservative Cat @TeaPartyCat

Per the NRA, Florida GOP to expand Stand Your Ground to allow “shooting anyone who you think may have been exposed to harmful video games.”

These are some Tweets from Republican David Frum. Not even Frum can buy into the twisted logic that putting an armed person everywhere will stop gun murders,

We need a federal agent at every cancer hospital
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1h davidfrum davidfrum ?@davidfrum

We need a federal agent at every marriage proposal
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1h davidfrum davidfrum ?@davidfrum

We need a federal agent at every gun range.
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We need a federal agent at every teen birthday party

We need a federal agent at every country & western concert
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We need a federal agent at every Hallowe’en party

Workers clearing snow in Washington D.C. between 1909 and 1920

Workers clearing snow in Washington D.C. between 1909 and 1920. This is another example of the kind of Americans that Michelle Malkin, Scott Walker the Koch brothers and Republican bloggers call thugs.

This a great column and I generally don’t like end of the year lists. Just a few highlights, The 50 Worst Columns of 2012

George Will in The Washington Post on why voting for a black President is racist To many, Barack Obama’s election back in 2008 was a sign of progress on racial equality. But the way George Will sees it, MLK’s dream will come true only when voters feel empowered to reject black candidates. “The nation, which is generally reluctant to declare a president a failure—thereby admitting that it made a mistake in choosing him—seems especially reluctant to give up on the first African American president,” Will writes, urging voters to take a stand for diversity by voting a black guy out of office and a white guy in.

[  ]…Megan McArdle at The Daily Beast on teaching kids to run toward the shooter There was little anyone could do to make sense of last week’s tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. But Megan McArdle—desperate to draw any lesson from the senselessness, no matter how crazy—made this horrifying, counter-intuitive suggestion: “If we drilled it into young people that the correct thing to do is for everyone to instantly run at the guy with the gun, these sorts of mass shootings would be less deadly, because even a guy with a very powerful weapon can be brought down by 8-12 unarmed bodies piling on him at once.” Nope. We’re not even going to try to snark on this. Just … dear god. You too, Charlotte Allen. What the hell.

[  ]…Ross Douthat in The New York Times on babies Hey, women, did you know that if you’re not in labor right now you’re literally destroying America? And, men, every time you use a condom you’re pounding one more nail into the coffin of the American dream. Considering the declining birth rate in the U.S., Ross Douthat is disgusted by “a spirit that privileges the present over the future, chooses stagnation over innovation, prefers what already exists over what might be. It embraces the comforts and pleasures of modernity, while shrugging off the basic sacrifices that built our civilization in the first place.” Sacrifices like doing the deed before birth control existed.

[   ]…Victor Davis Hanson in the National Review on Susan Rice It’s a great time to be a black woman, argues a white man named Victor Davis Hanson. “In the nexus of elite universities and Democratic politics,” Hanson writes about the Susan Rice confirmation holdup, “being black, female, and elite is far more advantageous that being white, male, and poor.” Right. Because we have so few white guys in politics, while the number of black female Senators can be counted on no hands.

This is not what Hanson means, but there is something to be said for the forgotten working poor white males. They are the forgotten minority. Conservative encourage and exploit what they perceive as their decline. These white males are treading water, not because of conservative trade and economic policies have kept them struggling and near powerless, but because….. evil liberals… progressives…women….unions. So they cling to the Glenn Beck conspiracy theories about the UN and commie around every corner, and have nightmares about someone buying candy bars with food stamps rather than see the reality about who is really giving them the shaft.