Mountain Signs of Spring wallpaper

Mountain Signs of Spring wallpaper

Mountain Signs of Spring wallpaper

It takes maturity, courage and principles to take responsibility for one’s actions. So of course conservatives are trying to shift all the blame for the sequester on President Obama. It’s not that simple, More Republican Denial, the details are at the link, but this is all the takeaway one needs to counter the spin by the Republican noise machine. Romney tried to shift blame for the sequester back during his campaign. Mitt shares the common conservative tendency to leave out details. According to Politifact, Obama to blame for defense sequestration, says Romney ad

Other see the two parties as co-owners of sequestration, especially since Republicans in Congress voted for the law that set up its possibility. In the House, 174 Republicans and 95 Democrats voted for the law, while 66 Republicans and 95 Democrats opposed it. (Final tally: Passed 269-161.) In the Senate, 28 Republicans and 45 Democrats voted for it, while 19 Republicans and 6 Democrats opposed it. (Final tally: Passed 74-26)

“The logic that lays the blame for sequestration at Obama’s feet, because he negotiated the BCA with GOP leaders in Congress, could just as easily apply to those other negotiators, or, indeed, any member of Congress who voted for the BCA in August 2011,” said Christopher Preble, vice president for defense and foreign policy studies at the libertarian Cato Institute. Preble favors reductions to the defense budget.

“I do not believe it accurate to refer to the cuts that will occur in both defense and non-defense discretionary spending under sequestration as ‘Obama’s cuts,’ ” he said.

Laura Peterson of Taxpayers for Common Sense also noted that sequestration results from a law passed in the usual manner. “I think the fact that Congress passed it means it is not a presidential mandate. It was a law that originated in Congress and was sent to the president’s desk,” she said.