Country Rail Fence Winter wallpaper – What Does Conservative Derangement Look Like

Country Rail Fence Winter wallpaper

Country Rail Fence Winter wallpaper


 Six Wacky Laws Conservatives Have Purposed This Month

4. Read Ayn Rand or stay in high school

The chairman of the education committee in Idaho’s Senate introduced a bill earlier this month that would make students read — and pass a test — on “Atlas Shrugged” as a requirement for a high school diploma.

Then he backed away from the bill, saying he was just trying to make a point. The senator, John Goedde, told the Idaho Spokesman-Review he was “sending a message to the State Board of Education, because he’s unhappy with its recent move to repeal a rule requiring two online courses to graduate from high school, and with its decision to back off on another planned rule regarding principal evaluations.”

Why that book? It “made my son a Republican,” he said, then adding, “well, he’s not a practicing Republican. But it certainly made him a conservative.”

I should find it amazing that conservatives love Rand. An unfortunate woman who ran some weird sex cult think tank and depended on Medicare during her senior years to get health care. Atlas Shrugged, which I have read, twice, is like a bad graphic novel without any kool illustrations.

Right Wing Rages Uncontrollably at Michelle Obama: “Someone Put a Bullet in That Fat Pig”

The right wing base is absolutely demented with dim-witted anger at Michelle Obama, ranting uncontrollably today at every single right wing website. They have a special hatred for the First Lady, so over the top it sometimes seems like a parody — but of course it isn’t.

I’ll just pick a few representative comments from two right wing sites. The references to “Star Wars” are their clever way of comparing Mrs. Obama to a Wookie. It’s one of their favorite racial slurs.

The proto-fascist web site Hot Air, run by proud America hater Michelle Malkin, the commenters write,

…Barf-o-Rama. And even in an updo the bangs make her look like Rick James.
…Hey skank, half the country hates you. Go away. Tired of having to windex my TV everytime you muck it up.

Just from looking at comments, articles on blogging, statistics on link clicks and blog posts themselves there is a type of blog reader. Someone who reads a few politically oriented blogs but they are not very political or they lean Democrat, but have conservative positions on an issue. They come by a blog like this and think, wow I’m very harsh on conservatives. You have not reached the rotten stinking fetid bottom of political discourse until you visit the comment sections of conservative blogs and web sites.

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell(R) signed a bill that forced women to be raped by the state government before they could make a decision about their own bodies. That would pretty much earn a lifetime rating of conservative, of sane smart observers. Eric Erickson – he of the threatening to kill people over dishwasher detergent, and comparing sensible regulation of the health insurance industry to Nazism, thinks McDonnell, thinks Virginians are stupid. Why does Eric, the shining example of deep thoughful analysis think McDonnell is a traitor to conservatism? Because of a small package of tax increases to finance a transportation bill – road building and infrastructure. When the cognitively deranged start pointing fingers at the cognitively incoherent, I can only think of CNN paying Eric a six-figure salary for political commentary. Conservatives may be right, America might be going to hell in hand basket – and they’re shoving that basket down with both feet.