First Signs of Autumn wallpaper – How Dare America Question Romney’s Version of Reality

First Signs of Autumn wallpaper

Conservatives are very upset today. They upset because Candy Crowley had the unmitigated gall to fact check during the debate and not let Mitt Romney get away with with his latest favorite lie. Transcript Truthers: Conservatives Deny Obama Called Libya Attack An “Act Of Terror”

During tonight’s presidential debate, moderator Candy Crowley corrected Mitt Romney’s false claim that President Obama did not refer to the September 11 attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya as an act of terrorism the day after the attack.

Crowley was right, and Romney was wrong: In his September 12 remarks, the president said: “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for. Today we mourn four more Americans who represent the very best of the United States of America.” Despite this, conservatives in the media are insisting that Obama never said that.

(Twitter captures at link)

Both Malkin and Hoft linked to a September 30 Commentary blog post by Alana Goodman arguing that “at no point” in Obama’s remarks responding to the Benghazi attack “was it clear that he was using that term to describe the attack in Benghazi.” Instead, argued Goodman, the line might have been “just a generic, reassuring line he’d added into a speech which did take place, after all, the day after the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.” Even though Obama mentioned the four Americans killed in Benghazi in the very next line.

That makes little sense and is a reed far to thin to stand on. But it’s good enough for Fox News and the conservative blogosphere.


Predictably, Fox News is echoing the misleading defense of Romney. During an interview with Romney surrogate John Sununu, Sean Hannity falsely claimed that when Obama referenced “acts of terror,” he was “talking about September 11, 2001. He doesn’t talk about Benghazi being an act of terror.” Hannity then immediately aired video contradicting his supposed “fact check” of Obama:

Fox News host Bret Baier also tried to discredit the fact that Obama referred to the Benghazi attack as an act of terror. During Fox’s coverage of the debate, Baier claimed that Obama wasn’t “specifically speaking about Benghazi” when he referred to the attack as an act of terror — that he was speaking “generically.”

Baier also faulted Obama for repeatedly referring to an anti-Islam video as a possible catalyst for the attack and for stressing that an investigation was ongoing.

UPDATE 2: Obama also referred to the Benghazi attack as an “act of terror” while campaigning in Colorado on September 13:

Let me say at the outset that obviously our hearts are heavy this week — we had a tough day a couple of days ago, for four Americans were killed in an attack on our diplomatic post in Libya.  Yesterday I had a chance to go over to the State Department to talk to friends and colleagues of those who were killed.  And these were Americans who, like so many others, both in uniform and civilians, who serve in difficult and dangerous places all around the world to advance the interests and the values that we hold dear as Americans.

And a lot of times their work goes unheralded, doesn’t get a lot of attention, but it is vitally important.  We enjoy our security and our liberty because of the sacrifices that they make.  And they do an outstanding job every single day without a lot of fanfare.  (Applause.)

So what I want all of you to know is that we are going to bring those who killed our fellow Americans to justice.  (Applause.)  I want people around the world to hear me:  To all those who would do us harm, no act of terror will go unpunished. It will not dim the light of the values that we proudly present to the rest of the world.  No act of violence shakes the resolve of the United States of America.  (Applause.)

We’ll dealing with conservative reading and listening comprehension disease. Sufferers also tend to have the dreaded exploitation of death for the cause of conservatism at the expense of American ideals, like honor and integrity. If one of these poor creatures should began a illiterate zealot seizure in your presence call you local mental health hot line. It’s odd how conservatives consign blame. On first look it might seem that there is nothing logical or systematic about their thought processes, but there is a method to the idiocy. Bush was not to blame for 9-11. Conservatives are not to blame for losing Bin laden at Tora Bora. Conservatives are not to blame for sending Americans off to die in a ridiculous and immoral war in Iraq. Conservatives are not to blame for the record number of terrorist attacks that occurred under Bush. President Obama is somehow directly responsible for one terrorist attack. President Obama does not deserve any of the credit for killing Bin laden, toppling  Moammar Gaddafi or the dozens of other terrorists during his presidency. The Conservative Accountability and hate Candy Crowley Club should be thank full Crowley did not bring up the video at this link, Romney Warned Against Pointing Fingers At Bush Administration After 9/11 Attacks

During a 2004 National Press Club luncheon, Romney was asked to address the 9/11 Commission’s finding of serious intelligence failures on the part of the US government in the run-up to the attacks. He responded that it is easy, but ultimately not particularly helpful, to blame different parts of the government for the attack:

It’s very easy, it is extraordinarily easy to point fingers and say, ‘Why, this part of government knew this and it didn’t tell that part.’ And, ‘These people here haven’t learned that.’ Well, the reason those barriers exist is for legitimate purpose in a world that was pre-September 11th. And judging our intelligence by post- September 11th conditions is something we have to do carefully. We do that to help us get better, and to the extent we find criticism in the kind of work that I’ve had to do and others are doing, it should be focused on how we can make ourselves more effective in the post-9/11 world. But trying to judge what happened pre-9/11 by post-9/11 knowledge is probably not terribly fruitful.

Watch it:

Romney’s approach was consistent with then-President Bush’s, who when asked whether he should apologize for his administration’s failure to prevent 9/11, said simply “The person responsible for the attacks was Osama bin Laden.” Former National Security Adviser and Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice told the 9/11 Commission something similar, saying “I know that there was no single thing that might have prevented that attack…I believe that the absence of light, so to speak, on what was going on inside the country, the inability to connect the dots, was really structural.”

In the case of Bush and Rice we know that they were warned of an imminent attack in the infamous PDB. They also knew that they were shoving a pack of lies down America’s throat when it knew that Iraq had no WMD, no connection to 9-11 and no connections to Bin Laden. Let’s say the conservative movement ran on the honor system of an old 18th century boys boarding school. A few million conservatives should be flogging themselves right now. In order to be the party of values one has to have some foundation of accountability and fidelity to the truth.

And another jaw dropping trait of conservatism: they like to have everything both ways. President Obama cannot act fast enough to kill terrorists, but if he does he will be doing so for purely partisan political reasons, Fox & Friends Pushes Theory That Obama May Order Strike In Libya To Gain Advantage In Upcoming Debate . If Obama does not take action according to the conservative stop watch, he loses. If Obama takes action, he loses. Reason 76 not to be a conservative: think of the headaches trying to keep track of the inherent contradictions of everything you stand for.

I’ve called the world of conservatism Bizarro World. The lies, the creation of a reality that bares no resemblance to the real world, the nonexistent lines conservatives draw ( 9-11 happened because of the women’s rights movements, 9-11 happened because America lost its faith in God). The unrelenting fabrication of causes and effects in the economy. The never ending their blame shifting ( somehow Fannie May caused the recession, not Wall Street) and the proto-facist eliminationism, all are facets of BizarroWorld. Mitt Romney is certainly no exception. Romney Told 31 Myths In 41 Minutes. Much like conservative hate pundits on AM radio, Fox News, The Washington Free Beacon, multiple websites, politicians like Chris Christie(R-NJ) and Paul Ryan(R-WI); the propaganda is propelled, as it was in last night’s debate with supreme arrogance. Their attitude, which is part of the reaction to Crowley’s fact check, is how dare anyone questions our fun house mirror version of reality. They make up what is real and what is not dammit and they will truck no dissent from the reality they are supremely entitled to invent. I’m Mitt Dammit Romney, when I claim something is true, that makes it true.

Mitt Romney’s binders full of women just don’t stack up

In the second presidential debate, women’s issues finally came up. And Mitt Romney had an opportunity to show female voters he cared. But from his bullying of moderator Candy Crowley to his dismissive description of his hiring practices, he fumbled the chance. “Binders full of women,” his badly chosen phrase became the meme of the night and will likely haunt him past Halloween. Here’s a deconstruction of what he had to say about women.

An important topic, and one which I learned a great deal about, particularly as I was serving as governor of my state, because I had the chance to pull together a cabinet and all the applicants seemed to be men.

Seemed to be? Implausible from the start, they either were or they weren’t.

And I – and I went to my staff, and I said, “How come all the people for these jobs are – are all men.” They said: “Well, these are the people that have the qualifications.”

This is hard to believe. Romney was talking about 2003 – not 1893. Plenty of women would have been properly qualified.

And I said: “Well, gosh, can’t we – can’t we find some – some women that are also qualified?”


And – and so we – we took a concerted effort to go out and find women who had backgrounds that could be qualified to become members of our cabinet. I went to a number of women’s groups and said: “Can you help us find folks,” and they brought us whole binders full of women.

ZING! There was the shot through his foot. “Binders full of women” became #bindersfullofwomen on Twitter, a Tumblr page and a Facebook page which within half an hour had over 20,000 likes. By the end of the debate that had risen to almost 70,000. Why did the phrase resonate? Because it was tone deaf, condescending and out of touch with the actual economic issues that women are so bothered about. The phrase objectified and dehumanized women. It played right into the perception that so many women have feared about a Romney administration – that a president Romney would be sexist and set women back

That Tumblr page is funny. Someone on Twitter said it went up within hours of the debate. They did a terrific job.

President Obama Closing Statement

The Real Mitt Romney is Blind To The Massive Failures of His Recycled Agenda


Blue City Blur wallpaper

Romney has been running for president for about 12 years or so. During that time he has struggled to define himself. he has confused the whole process by reinvented himself multiple times, shifting back and forth between what passes for a moderate and panderer extraordinaire to the radical right. There are probably several reasons for a grown adult having such momentous problems of self discovery. The number one reason seems to be that what Mitt is, the essential Mitt is ultimately a shallow individual. His business career is what defines him. He mastered the art of the leveraged buyout – a modern-day form of theft via spreadsheet. Minimal effort, maximum profits. From the insular bunker of his office he ruined lives and claimed he was an unappreciated knight in shining armor. He claimed he did it all on his own as he benefited from government subsidies and loopholes in the law that allowed him to make a profit regardless of how badly he and Bain screwed up. The essential Romney is a cold calculating machine wearing blinders to issues of morality, community and simple good citizenship. From the outside it looks as though he asked himself what a patriot would do and done the opposite. Does that remind you of anyone, say George W. Bush. To say that Romney is like Bush is so obvious it is like commenting the sky is blue. Much of what Romney promises to bring to his role as King Mitt of Amerika is a replay of Bush ( same foreign policy team, much of the same economic advisers or carbon copies). Until they feel another craving for historical revisionism and decide that Bush was an unappreciated angel, for now the Right has generally decided that the Bush-Cheney era was an apparition ( during six of those years conservatives like Paul Ryan, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell (R-KY) controlled all three branches of government). When they look back on those years and the decisions that were made – like not paying for anything they put on the national credit card, they see a failure of personalities. They still believe that we can use tax cuts and deregulation to pave the way to the promised land of gold-plated toothbrushes and pixie dust pudding. Conservatives do not believe, and certainly Mitt Romney does not believe that Bush-Cheney failed because of conservative policies. Romney, Ryan and the conservative movement will never blame conservative orthodoxy. Conservatism is never wrong, never has to correct course. Unless upping the dosage of the same failed medicine is considered a correction. Certainly from Nixon to Reagan to Bush 43 and all the conservative federal officials in between, conservatism has been one massive institutional failure. Never mind that says the conservative psyche, some personnel changes will right the ship. So if Mitt Romney comes out in a debate, sprouts wings and flies, well that makes for an interesting performance, but what about substance. Why is he allowed to put some fresh paint on the rotten zombie of conservatism and call it a winning strategy for governing. And why is so much of the media calling this morbid rehash of failure the revival. At Last Night’s Debate: Romney Told 27 Myths In 38 Minutes. Romney, like Bush thinks deceit is a contest and is determined to be among the champions. Facts Matter and Mitt Romney Didn’t Deliver. Some of the media actually did its job, “CNBC Fact Check: “Romney again tonight did not say specifically how he would pay for his proposed across the board tax cut.” As some other observers have already noted, performance, appearances always play a role in debates, but that does not mean that trying for an Oscar in mendacity and shameless hubris should win any accolades, The First Debate: Mitt Romney’s Five Biggest Lies. Not the entire public obviously, but much of the public and how they take measure of what is best for the nation is bewildering. They’ll test a watch to see if its real gold, they’ll send a badly cooked meal back and they’ll insist on a written warranty for their new car, yet so many of these same people will not raise one finger of objection to being victimized by another unctuous miscreant.

Truthers. Birthers. We’re going to need a name for the latest conspiracy-mongers: on job statistics

Unbelievable jobs numbers..these Chicago guys will do anything..can’t debate so change numbers
— @jack_welch via Twitterrific

Jack Welch’s secretary says the former chairman and CEO of General Electric is in meetings for the rest of the day and unavailable to discuss his Tweets.
In regards to today’s Jobs report—I agree with former GE CEO Jack Welch, Chicago style politics is at work here……
— @AllenWest via web

I don’t think BLS cooked numbers. I think a bunch of Dems lied about getting jobs. That would have same effect.
— @conncarroll via web

The extremely bad news is that I don’t believe a word of the unemployment rate. Sad. The numbers are too illogical and don’t make sense.
— @stevelemois via TweetDeck

Ezra Klein gets it exactly right:

Let’s get one thing out of the way: The data was not, as Jack Welch suggested in a now-infamous tweet, manipulated. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is set up to ensure the White House has no ability to influence it. As labor economist Betsey Stevenson wrote, “anyone who thinks that political folks can manipulate the unemployment data are completely ignorant of how the BLS works and how the data are compiled.” Plus, if the White House somehow was manipulating the data, don’t you think they would have made the payroll number look a bit better than 114,000? No one would have batted an eye at 160,000. […]

Mitt Romney of course –  who had one of the worse records ever as a job creator while governor, said they he could do better. We need more jobs and better paying jobs as corporate America continues to bring in massive wealth, but the voices from the tin foil chamber just can’t stick to being sane. US jobless rate falls to 7.8 pct., 44-month low

McCain Doubles Down on Bush Policies, but He is Not Bush?

McCain the petulant grouch

Like every debate since forever, especially this late in the game where the vast majority of voters have seen the candidates and their ads ad nauseum, the only people to change their minds will be that few percent of undecideds. Everyone seems to be giving credit to McCain for starting off in grumpy attack mode. The problem with that when you’re behind as far as McCain and the stock market is so erratic, voters wonder if you’re the leader that will bring about the stability and make the carefully weighed decisions required to get us back on track. Someone must have advised Johnny to make eye contact. While better then avoiding it, McCain seemed a combination of fearful and angry at Obama. Which might have been part of the reason that McCain’s positives wore off as the debate progressed. It started to look like he was doing some mental anger control exercises. You almost expected him to jump up any minute and yell – this guy, over me, what are you people thinking. The comparison became striking, McCain arrogance versus Obama’s calm confidence.

The say it to my face moment – in police interrogations there’s frequently a feeling the interrogating officer gets, a moment when the perpetrator’s story sounds rehearsed and not very convincing – McCain had that perp moment. “I don’t care about an old washed-up terrorist,” McCain tells the officer. Then says “we need to know the full extent of that relationship.” This is the point in the show where’s there is a close-up of the perps eyes and the viewer sees that he’ll say anything to get what he wants. McCain says he isn’t up on using the internet so maybe he hasn’t checked the fact checking sites, he’s just reading the Rove Playbook. Fact-Checking the Ayers Allegations: So Wrong, It’s “Pants on Fire” Wrong

However, Ayers “was never on the board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge,” and he “never made a decision programmatically or had a vote,” Rolling said.

“He (Ayers) was at board meetings — which, by the way, were open — as a guest,” Rolling said. “That is not anything near Bill Ayers and Barack Obama running the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.”

Let’s look at a few, starting with the funder. Annenberg was a lifelong Republican and former ambassador to the United Kingdom under President Richard Nixon. His widow, Leonore, has endorsed McCain. Kurtz might just as plausibly have accused Obama and the foundation of “translating Annenberg’s conservatism into practice.”

Among the other board members who served with Obama were: Stanley Ikenberry, former president of the University of Illinois; Arnold Weber, former president of Northwestern University and assistant secretary of labor in the Nixon administration; Scott Smith, then publisher of the Chicago Tribune; venture capitalist Edward Bottum; John McCarter, president of the Field Museum; Patricia Albjerg Graham, former dean of the Harvard University Graduate School of Journalism, and a host of other mainstream folks.

“The whole idea of it being radical when it was this tie of blue-chip, white-collar, CEOs and civic leaders is just ridiculous,” said the foundation’s former development director, Marianne Philbin.

The foundation gave money to groups of public schools — usually three to 10 — who partnered with some sort of outside organization to improve their students’ achievement.

In every site, every political news story that takes comments on the web are the urban myths about Obama and Ayers. This was and obviously still is to the Right, their killer story, the one that is going to knock Obama out of the game. In their fetid little minds It’ll be a glorious repeat of the Swiftboating of John Kerry. Except regardless of how often they repeat their lies and leave that ominous reframe that “questions” remain, voters aren’t buying their garbage this time. They got fooled last time and ended up with four more years of Dubya – still stuck in Messo’potamia, an economy in the dumper and a laundry list of offenses against the rule of law that will probably take a generation to undue. McCain’s best line, or supposed zinger of the night was that he wasn’t Bush. Sure, he just voted with him 90% of the time in 2007 and 100% in 2008. McCain isn’t like Bush he just supports the polices that have brought America to where we are now, 81% Say U.S. On Wrong Track. Looking at where we are and back over the last eight years McCain wants people to believe that its as though he was a magical Republican snake that has changed its skin.

I’m not Bush

Some fact checks, McCain was dead wrong on school vouchers in D.C. A program that Bush and Republicans shoved down the district’s throat.

If McCain was in 6th grade and had to do a report on Obama’s heath-care plan, McCain would flunk.

McCain claimed that Sarah Delusional Palin “cut the size of government.” How many times does McCain have to violate the Naval Academy’s’ honor code before they yank his veteran’s benefits.

No surprise that Bob Schieffer did not ask Mcain what it is about domestic terrorist G. Gordon Liddy’s values that he admires.

I like Bob Schieffer, but the reality is that he has been part of the status quo Washington insiders press corp for years. That is one of the reasons that he went with asking about ACORN – a legitimate topic, but did not ask McCain about Republican efforts at voter suppression, Why Media Can’t See the Trees for the ACORNs

The media attention granted the right-wing attacks on ACORN begs the question:  why does it seem to be a greater sin to be suspected of voter registration mistakes than to publicly engage in voter suppression efforts?

[   ]…But it’s a fact that Karl Rove was the consultant to the incumbent Texas governor back then. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that county voter registrars received a list of 29,000 alleged felons to purge from the rolls. That got some coverage when it turned out a Democratic candidate for the state house who had no criminal record was on the list. But it didn’t stop the intimidation efforts. Signs reading “You Can Be Imprisoned” were posted at minority polling locations.

The Right is pushing this narrative pretty hard. There’s massive voter fraud going on. Only there isn’t. There have been a few people that have filled out multiple registration cards. That is not voter fraud. Very few cases of voter fraud have been documented because the perpetrator has to show up and try to vote multiple times. Which is very close to wearing a neon sign that says, arrest me. In a back askward way I agree with those Rightie sites that think the media should do more investigative work – when is the MSM going to do stories about this they rage – hey bring on the reportage. The more the public is educated about voter fraud versus voter suppression by the Right, the better.

The plumber story is already stale. The guy appear to be a low information voter, but Ezra Klein  noticed this,

the United Association of Plumbers and Pipe Fitters was one of the first unions to endorse Obama:

To meet the challenges of clean water, he recognizes the need to replace and/or upgrade our water treatment and wastewater systems. His support of our position on all of these issues more than justifies our endorsement. We need to support Barack Obama because he provides more than lip service to our concerns.

We remain a bi-partisan organization. However, our best hope for clear direction and responsible change in our national government calls for our support of Barack Obama. The economic indicators show a weakening national economy and we need someone to both invigorate our economy and provide hope for our country.

Joe’s probably a relatively decent guy that works hard, its just that he doesn’t seem to know anything about progressive taxation. Its doubtful that he makes more then $250,000 grand a year. A reporter told him that he probably would get a tax break under Obama’s plan and he said something about not trusting him and Marxism. Just guessing, but his lack of knowledge combined with that bizarre opinion suggests he gets all his political opinions from AM radio wing-nuts.

The Irrational Electorate

In addition to assessing how well each individual voter’s choice matched his or her hypothetical “fully informed” choice, in “Uninformed Votes” I provided estimates of how well each overall election outcome matched what it would have been if every voter had been fully informed. The average discrepancy between the actual popular vote in each election and the hypothetical outcome if every voter had been fully informed amounted to three percentage ­points—­more than enough to swing a close election. In four cases—1980, 1984, 1988, and 1992—the differences between actual and hypothetical election outcomes were large enough to provide strong evidence that “errors” by millions of individual voters did not entirely cancel out. These departures from ­“fully ­informed” election outcomes revealed a systematic bias in favor of incumbents, who generally did substantially better than they would have if voters had been fully informed, and a smaller bias in favor of Democratic candidates. Clearly, the “miracle of aggregation” is not sufficiently miraculous to render voters’ ignorance politically ­irrelevant.

Other then the major media outlets doing marginally better in the fact checking department, which many voters seem to be using and gives reason for hope. We’ve also seem the Republicans run one of the sleaziest hate filled campaigns in the last forty years.

While he previously thought Bush’s tax cuts were irresponsible, McCain now worships at the alter of those same cuts. The reason is that those cuts put more money in the average American’s pocket, right? Not really, for those that got some extra money, it went in one pocket and out the other,

Health care premiums have increased by over 80 percent.  The cost of family health insurance has skyrocketed 80.8 percent since 2000.

Gas prices have climbed over $3 a gallon.  Prices at the gas pump have jumped 107 percent from $1.47 per gallon the week President Bush took office in January 2001

College education costs have risen by 44 percent.  Average tuition, fees, room, and board costs at four-year private universities have increased by $6,786 from $22,240 in the 2000-2001 academic year to $29,026 in the 2005-2006 academic year.

In addition, the Post reports that “[o]ne of every 92 U.S. households faced foreclosure last year and the number is expected to get larger.  Over the next two years, monthly payments on millions of loans will surge as their low introductory interest rates balloon by as much as 50 percent.  The nonprofit Center for Responsible Lending predicts that one in five subprime mortgages taken out in the past two years – those marketed to borrowers with poor credit histories and limited incomes – will end up in foreclosure.  The crisis may eventually cost as much as $164 billion ( Democrats released this info in 2007 – people like Bush and Mccain, not to mention all those Republican redistribution of income experts didn’t do a thing)

In the S. Con. Res. 21, the Fiscal Year 2008 Senate Budget Resolution, Senate Democrats increased funding for energy and environmental programs, which have sustained dramatic cuts during the Bush Administration.  Among many other cuts, the Bush Administration reduced funding for clean water, public lands, oceans, climate research, energy efficiency and conservation, and energy cost assistance for low-income Americans.  While the Administration has cut these important programs, the President, in his 2008 Budget Request, failed to repeal lucrative subsidies for oil and gas companies.

Sarah Palin Commemorative Debate Poster

Palin debates?

Eugene Robinson echoes that piece by Alaskan Republican Andrew Halrco who said that in his debates with her she had a tendency to give answers that were marginally related to the question and just gibberish, The VP Debate: The Strangest I’ve Ever Seen

Exactly an hour into the debate, Joe Biden began an answer by saying, “Facts matter, Gwen.”

To him, maybe. To Sarah Palin, maybe not. The pattern, so far, has been one of Biden presenting facts and Palin countering with… saying stuff. Sometimes she throws in a fact, but mostly she seems to be offering a string of approximate policy positions, encomiums to the American spirit, disputed interpretations of Barack Obama’s record and anecdotes from Alaska.

She has a certain charm, but I wonder how viewers are reacting to the way she just declines to answer the question at hand and pivots to more solid ground.

To be fair, Biden made some statements that were part opinion and part fact. At least he seemed to be in the same universe as the average working American. Sometimes when Palin answered a question I wondered if she wasn’t ignoring Ifill and just answering a question that was one one of her cards.

McClellan, McKiernan, You Know, One of Those Army Guys… Asked about Afghanistan part of Palin’s response,

PALIN: Well, first, McClellan did not say definitively the surge principles would not work in Afghanistan. Certainly, accounting for different conditions in that different country and conditions are certainly different. We have NATO allies helping us for one and even the geographic differences are huge but the counterinsurgency principles could work in Afghanistan. McClellan didn’t say anything opposite of that. The counterinsurgency strategy going into Afghanistan, clearing, holding, rebuilding, the civil society and the infrastructure can work in Afghanistan. And those leaders who are over there, who have also been advising George Bush on this have not said anything different but that.

HuffPo is giving her credit for the possibility that she was talking about Civil War General McClellan. Since former White House press secretary Scott McClellan was on TV for a few years giving us Bush’s talking points, it is more likely that it was Scottie she had in mind. U.S. commanders don’t like the idea of or think a surge in Afghanistan styled on the one in Iraq will work. She insisted on repeating a lie that McCain continues to make in an ad he is running about Obama not funding the troops – a patently ridiculous lie, the kind of big audacious lie that was a staple of the Bushies.

AP: McCain Repeats Troop Funding Lie. MCCAIN: McCain said Obama voted to cut off money for the troops in Iraq. THE FACTS: Despite opposing the war, Obama has, with one exception, voted for Iraq troop financing. In 2007, he voted against a troop funding bill because it did not contain language calling for a troop withdrawal. The Illinois senator backed another bill that had such language – and money for the troops.”

Palin and Mccain have both claimed the “surge” in Iraq worked. That is at least debatable, though it appears very unlikely that the surge was responsible for the drop in violence ( Palin also said troop levels had been returned to presurge levels, that is false.There are now approximately 152,000 U.S. troops in Iraq, about 17,000 more than the pre-surge levels) Satellite images show ethnic cleanout in Iraq

“By the launch of the surge, many of the targets of conflict had either been killed or fled the country, and they turned off the lights when they left,” geography professor John Agnew of the University of California Los Angeles, who led the study, said in a statement.

“Essentially, our interpretation is that violence has declined in Baghdad because of intercommunal violence that reached a climax as the surge was beginning,” said Agnew, who studies ethnic conflict.

Some 2 million Iraqis are displaced within Iraq, while 2 million more have sought refuge in neighboring Syria and Jordan. Previously religiously mixed neighborhoods of Baghdad became homogenized Sunni or Shi’ite Muslim enclaves.

The study, published in the journal Environment and Planning A, provides more evidence of ethnic conflict in Iraq, which peaked just before U.S. President George W. Bush ordered the deployment of about 30,000 extra U.S. troops.

Of course Bush and McCain were both quick to claim credit after four bloody years. That infantile desire to get recognition for something, anything that could be spun in a positive light was and still is nauseating. Bush and Cheney, neither of whom have any strategic planning experience and have claimed multiple times they let the commanders decide, that’s a lie. They’ve done some very tragic micro-managing, Bush’s Bloody Flip Flop. Palin and McCain say they’ll take a new direction. Whatever. They can’t bring back those that died because of Bush’s horrific leadership. Maverick McCain voted with Bush 90% of the time so he shares responsibility. One assumes that Palin voted for Bush both elections so how big of a maverick reformer can she be. She marshes lock step to the Right’s directives just like most of the Right does.During the debate, as mangled as they were she regurgitated just about every rabid Right talking point we’ve the last seven years.

We all know how this goes. If you were a McCain supporter before the debate you thought Palin won and if you’re an Obama supporter you thought Biden provided an Ass Whuppin. The important stat is that undecideds thought Biden won and had more confidence in his knowledge and leadership qualities. To me it seemed that Biden has that steadiness and wise elder statesman thing going on while Palin thought she was in the Miss Congentality portion of the contest. She does seem nice, niceness is nice even if it is a little plastic, but thin credentials for being a heartbeat away from being commander-in-chief.

Judge Refuses to Block Alaska Troopergate Probe

An Alaska judge on Thursday refused to block a state investigation into whether Gov. Sarah Palin abused her power when she fired her public safety commissioner this summer.

Judge Peter Michalski threw out the lawsuit filed by five Republican state legislators who said the investigation had been tainted by partisan politics and was being manipulated to damage Palin shortly before the Nov. 4 presidential election.

“It is legitimately within the scope of the legislature’s investigatory power to inquire into the circumstances surrounding the termination (of) a public officer the legislature had previously confirmed,” the judge wrote in his decision.

The probe is looking into whether Palin, who is the Republican vice presidential candidate, and others pressured Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan to fire a state trooper who was involved in a contentious divorce from Palin’s sister, and then fired Monegan when he wouldn’t dismiss the trooper. Palin says Monegan was ousted over budget disagreements.

Before Palin was picked as McCain co-reformer she had agreed to cooperate with the investigation, then changed her mind.

Sarah Palin blunders over talks with British ambassador that never took place as her first TV debate looms, a quality she shares with Dubya, lying when it really doesn’t matter. Who did she think she was going to impress by saying she had meet an ambassador she didn’t.

This one was another one from the discombobulation machine, Palin Channels Reagan

Palin’s final quote was from Ronald Reagan, warning that without vigilance, “you and I are going to spend our sunset years telling our children, and our children’s children, what it once was like in America when men were free.”

In fact, Reagan was not warning about a general lack of vigilance about freedom, he was warning what would happen if Medicare was enacted.

Who knows maybe Palin thinks that Medicare is a form of enslavement.

Since Palin was picked as McCain’s running mate in August. Since then the U.S. has suffered 50 casualties in Iraq. 704 Iraqis have been killed. As Iraq Moves Towards Provincial Elections, Minority Sects Further Marginalized

A new decision by the Iraqi parliament leaves Iraqi minorities with no representation in the country’s provincial councils as well as the legislature.

By an overwhelming majority, the parliament early this week revoked paragraph 50 from the constitution, under which Iraqi minorities were assigned a set of seats in legislative and municipal councils.

The revocation has sparked mass demonstrations in areas where these minorities live, particularly in the northern Province of Nineveh, of which Mosul is the capital.

Not only non-Muslim minorities are affected. The Shebeks, who are Muslim Shiites, have lost this privilege as well as the Yazidis who still pursue their secretive and traditional faith.

The decision has been a blow to the minorities who make up at least 10 per cent of the Iraqi population.

Neglected and persecuted under former leader Saddam Hussein, they hoped the new U.S.-occupied Iraq would bring good news.

On the contrary. They have borne the brunt of the upsurge in violence and insecurity that has become a characteristic of post-Saddam Iraq.

With paragraph 50 of the constitution revoked, these minorities will have no means left to air their voice.

McCain has said he knows how to win wars and Governor Palin swears he does. Astounding that a man with such vital life saving knowledge wouldn’t give America some hint as to exactly what he knows, as in a plan.