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US Flag Brooklyn Bridge at Night wallpaper

Muslims and Islam Were Part of Twin Towers’ Life

Sometime in 1999, a construction electrician received a new work assignment from his union. The man, Sinclair Hejazi Abdus-Salaam, was told to report to 2 World Trade Center, the southern of the twin towers.

In the union locker room on the 51st floor, Mr. Abdus-Salaam went through a construction worker’s version of due diligence. In the case of an emergency in the building, he asked his foreman and crew, where was he supposed to reassemble? The answer was the corner of Broadway and Vesey.

Over the next few days, noticing some fellow Muslims on the job, Mr. Abdus-Salaam voiced an equally essential question: “So where do you pray at?” And so he learned about the Muslim prayer room on the 17th floor of the south tower.

He went there regularly in the months to come, first doing the ablution known as wudu in a washroom fitted for cleansing hands, face and feet, and then facing toward Mecca to intone the salat prayer.

On any given day, Mr. Abdus-Salaam’s companions in the prayer room might include financial analysts, carpenters, receptionists, secretaries and ironworkers. There were American natives, immigrants who had earned citizenship, visitors conducting international business — the whole Muslim spectrum of nationality and race.

Leaping down the stairs on Sept. 11, 2001, when he had been installing ceiling speakers for a reinsurance company on the 49th floor, Mr. Abdus-Salaam had a brief, panicked thought. He didn’t see any of the Muslims he recognized from the prayer room. Where were they? Had they managed to evacuate?

He staggered out to the gathering place at Broadway and Vesey. From that corner, he watched the south tower collapse, to be followed soon by the north one. Somewhere in the smoking, burning mountain of rubble lay whatever remained of the prayer room, and also of some of the Muslims who had used it.

One Muslim business who had used the Muslim prayer room noted how this religious respite was also in the worlds’ epicenter (New York) of capitalism. While its frequently been a rough road haven’t we always been the country that manages to fit a lot of religions, ethnicities and beliefs into a big melting pot and making it work. Often times to the utter amazement to the rest of the world. The demagoguing of a mosque two blocks from the old Twin Towers site is not about being rational it’s about condemning all Muslims as murders or complicit in murder for the acts of a small percentage of Muslims. Than there is that little thing called the 1st Amendment – yet another component of the Constitution the GOP is willing to sacrifice on the altar of xenophobic bed wetting. The mosque inside the WTC Towers was not an issue for the thirty plus years the WTC existed. Neither was the mosque at the Pentagon. The Pentagon mosque a reminder that the Muslims, who most of the rabid Right has now decided are all murderers, is for the Muslims who are serving their country in the U.S. military. Crescents among the crosses at Arlington Cemetery

Today, nearly 15,000 Muslims serve in the US Armed Forces, under situations of conflicting loyalties and misunderstanding both by their non-Muslim colleagues as well as other Muslims. “We don’t have to prove anything,” said Imam Ghayth Nur Kashif, a Korean War veteran and former counselor for the Muslim American Military Association. “Many of us were born here so it’s really kind of an insult for people to question are you an American.”

When two Christian Republicans blew up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City, we didn’t ask that no more churches be built out of respect for the dead – many of them Christians. Because it would not have made sense. In a report by John Jay College of Criminal Justice it was found the Catholic Church committed 6,700 acts of sexual abuse. We haven’t put the 1st Amendment on hold out of respect for those victims.

A conservative blog called Weasel Zippers writes about the NYC story, Dumbest Defense of GZM to Date: Before Islamists Flew Planes Into the Towers There Was a Small Muslim Prayer Room There…

It’s so mind numbingly stupid I’m at a loss for words which is probably why the lefty blogs (LGF, Daily Kos to name a few) think this it’s “proof” there should be no controversy surrounding the construction of a giant victory mosque next to Ground Zero…

Arguments – in the classical sense of the word – are made up of propositions followed by rational justified beliefs. If there was some logical argument against seeing the hypocrisy and ignorance bound up in opposition to the Park 51 commmunity center/mosque he either could not make one or was too lazy to try. So the moronic resort to its “too mind numbingly stupid”. A right-wing conservative cannot be bothered to make an argument for something about which they have strong feelings about. Much easier to plea to the commonality of malicious ignorance of his readers – borne out in the comments,

Dim Bulb says:
September 11, 2010 at 12:51 AM

Liberal Premise: Muslim’s are not squeamish about killing Muslims in the name of allah.

Liberal Conclusion: Therefore, having a Muslim Mosque near Ground Zero is foolproof protections against a Muslim attack.

Liberal Corollary: Dude, torch that doobie and pass me the Cheetos.

“Dim” has no doubt slayed a field of straw men with similar rhetorical flourishes. If the inability to deal with logic is a vest Dim and Weasel are bullet proof.

The Newt Does show business, Newterdammerung

First of all you know it’s going to be good when the liner notes read “Citizens United Productions presents in Association with Gingrich Productions and Peace River Company, LLC America at Risk: The War with No Name.”

Do you want to see a primer on the Clash of Civilizations and the coming Islam-fueled Armeggedon hosted by a disgraced & philandering former politician and his third and current trophy wife? If that’s a movie you need to see, join me after the jump.

Here’s the trailer for the movie, which will no doubt be an instant classic in the genre Islamophobia hate fest snuff films along with those earlier produced by the Clarion foundation.

Newt is competing with Glenn beck to be the P.T. Barnum of politics. that would be the P.T. Barnum who once said there is a sucker born every minute. Newt is on record as being a professional shoveler of bullsh*t,

The profile paints a silhouette highlighting the intersection of Gingrich’s personal life and political career:

“There’s somebody else, isn’t there?”

She kind of guessed it, of course. Women usually do. But did she know the woman was in her apartment, eating off her plates, sleeping in her bed?

She called a minister they both trusted. He came over to the house the next day and worked with them the whole weekend, but Gingrich just kept saying she was a Jaguar and all he wanted was a Chevrolet. “‘I can’t handle a Jaguar right now.’ He said that many times. ‘All I want is a Chevrolet.'”

He asked her to just tolerate the affair, an offer she refused.

He’d just returned from Erie, Pennsylvania, where he’d given a speech full of high sentiments about compassion and family values.

The next night, they sat talking out on their back patio in Georgia. She said, “How do you give that speech and do what you’re doing?”

“It doesn’t matter what I do,” he answered. “People need to hear what I have to say. There’s no one else who can say what I can say. It doesn’t matter what I live.

As for 2012, Marianne Gingrich shared her take on speculation swirling over the possibility of Newt Gingrich making a run for the White House in the next election cycle. The bottom line, she said, is that “there’s no way” he’ll be president.

It’s a busy busy time for the conservative Bullsh*t corps. When Newt isn’t milking the Park 51 controversy, he can be found milking the tea baggers ( sorry about that mental picture), 5 Ways the Tea Party Agenda Screws Tea Party Supporters

If people could be counted on to vote in their own best interests, there would be no Tea Party movement, for if the economic agenda embraced by Tea Partiers — a vastly pro-corporation, government-killing plan — Tea Partiers would find themselves among the people most hurt by it.

To hear Tea Party activists tell it, they seek to save future generations from the crushing demands of big government. Yet the agenda they advocate, dictated by the big-money players behind the muscular interest groups that keep the movement growing, will likely render the Tea Partiers themselves the economically squeezed subjects of a corporate state, one in which the elderly will be left to scrounge for crumbs, small businesses will be crushed by lack of capital, and their own ground-level online organizing supplanted by the networks built by giant, corporate-funded astroturf groups.

[   ]…2. Ending Medicare: See No. #1, Ending Social Security. “Within seven [years], Medicare is dead, bankrupt, broke — broke,” Bachmann told the Tea Partiers. Her solution? End it for everybody but “the truly needy and the truly disabled.” (I shudder to think what constitutes “truly needy” in the Bachmann moral universe.) Her solution? You can buy your own health insurance policy on the private market with pre-tax dollars. Sure, you’re 70 years old: How much do you think an insurance company is going to charge you for your coverage? Pre-taxed or not, you’re going to need a whole lotta dollars to make that one work for you.

But Bachmann’s fans likely found comfort in her sunny optimism. “It is possible for every American to be able to retire a millionaire,” Bachmann told the Tea Partiers. “It’s entirely possible to do that if you plan early and you put away money — and there are alternatives that we can put forward.” Just what those “alternatives” might be were left to the audience’s imagination.

I may never know for sure, but I always wondered who bought those gadgets that give you ripped abs while you sit on the sofa eating double-chocolate chip ice while watching TV.

Sen. Mike Crapo (R-ID) On Health Clinic Funded By Stimulus He Opposed: ‘One Of The Core Pieces Of The Solution’ America Needs – It might be that Republicans lack the neurons required to understand what  boneheaded hypocrisy is.

The Top 13 Vilest Things Conservatives Said About Shirley Sherrod

1. “sure sounded racist” “[e]xhibit A” of “what racism looks like.” “a speech to the NAACP that sure sounded racist.” Fox’s Steve Doocy

2. Claiming Sherrod’s speech was  “outrageous, and perhaps everybody needs a refresher course on what racism looks like,” and “I mean, it is really a shocking admission,”  Fox’s Alisyn Camerota

3. “She was, like, bragging that she withheld … all that she could do” to help the white farmer. Fox’s Brian Kilmeade

4. “This emerges and pretty much confirming what many of us thought about people who’ve burrowed their way in the Obama administration with radical outlooks, a radical agenda, and in this case, a racist sentiment expressed clearly by her.” And “[T]he question is how many more people like Ms. Sherrod exist in the Obama administration who aren’t so stupid, as she was, to actually explicitly state her views on this question of race. It’s really — it’s really shocking. And Andrew Breitbart, by the way, did a great piece on this whole thing, fantastic.” Right-wing Conservative commentator and frequent Fox guest  Laura Ingraham

5. “Will Eric Holder’s DOJ hold accountable fed appointee Shirley Sherrod for admitting practicing racial discrimination?” Twitter post by Andrew Breitbart

6. “Racist Govt Official/NAACP Award Recipient Resigns after Big Government Expose.” headline at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government

7. In refering to Sherrod, “obviously has some sort of Marxist or redistributionist qualities to her.” Glenn Beck on his radio program after she was asked to resign.

8. “Sherrod shouldn’t be given her job back. The broad is a Marxist. I have no sympathy for her.” Twitter post by the right-wing conservative Human Events editor Jason Mattera.

9. Sherrod supports “the haves versus the have-nots and the need for redistribution.” She is a supporter of “obamaism”. Rush Limbaugh radio show.

10. Without offering any supporting evidence, Sherrod can be counted among the “radicals, racists, socialists” that have been “stocked” in the Obama administration. Fox News’ Monica Crowley

11. Sherrod is “a communist, radical, socialist, terror-sympathizer.” “White farmer-hater Shirley Sherrod is linked to Bill Ayers.” Rabid anti-American right-wing blogger Jim Hoft (Gateway blogger)

12. Comparing Sherrod to racist tea nut leader Mark Williams, exclaimed, “It’s every bit as hateful as the New Black Panther video. Look at that woman! I mean, aren’t you ashamed?” MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Margaret Carlson.

13. Video of Andrew Breitbart suggesting that the Spooners, the white farmers who Shirley Sherrod helped, are co-conspirators in a scheme to make Big Government look bad. Also at the same link  Glenn Beck is sure the whole fiasco, started by Breitbart’s lack of journalistic integrity and zeal for revenge against the NAACP, thinks this is some sort of twisted conspiracy orchestrated by the president to discredit Fox News.

Some background by Ta-Nehisi Coates, On Lacking All Conviction

Yesterday, that same administration forced out, Shirley Sherrod, a longtime Civil Rights worker and black USDA appointee, evidently, because she dared confess that she’d once been motivated by racial prejudice but had since seen the error of her ways. Sherrod details how, as a child, her family was essentially terrorized by the Klan and white vigilantes. Her father was murdered 45 years ago. Her widowed mother, at one point, had to stand on the porch with a rifle to fight off the Klan. “I know who you are!” she yelled at them.

Sherrod’s personal story is about redemption, and the case she highlights took place 20 years ago, long before she was working for the federal government.

I’m generally a little wary of hero worship. To be humans to have physical and moral frailties built in. Look hard enough – with some people like those listed above you do not have to look very hard – and you’ll find flaws. Sherrod is her very down to earth way demonstrates one of those moments that gives humanity a little hope that we are capable of rising above the fray once in a while. In that since I wouldn’t say we owe those above a thanks, but the opportunity to see the contrast between those that seek to be more virtuous and both who seem very comfortable with their repugnant values and malicious ways.

The heroism of Shirley Sherrod

And that’s where the truly significant and rare courage of Sherrod becomes so consequential.  Unlike so many who are caught in similar right-wing/media smear storms and (understandably) back down, Sherrod refused to meekly slink away.  She conspicuously refused to apologize for things that merited no apology.  Rather than legitimize the accusations with defensive self-justifications, she put the blame squarely where it belonged:  on Brietbart, on the NAACP for condemning her without all the facts, and on the Obama administration for demanding her “resignation.”  And as a result of her refusal to allow these false smears to go unchallenged and the low-life smear artists to be rewarded, the true facts have emerged.  The actual culprits in this episode — basically everyone except her and the white couple who came forward to defend her — are clearly identified and exposed, with their credibility in tatters.  And it’s hard to imagine the administration’s not reversing itself and offering to re-hire her, thus being forced to reverse a serious injustice.

As much value as Sherrod’s NAACP speech has for everyone, her conduct in the face of this massive onslaught is even more instructive.  It ought to serve as a template for how people respond to all of these low-life, right-wing smear campaigns:  with unapologetic clarity and resolve about who the actual wrongdoers are.

Glass Houses, The NAACP, Shirley Sherrod and Dishonesty

Conservatives, the subdivision that smokes its tea and uses it’s interpretation of the Constitution as a cudgel has discovered “glass houses”. Those would be the houses the NAACP lives in because they are allegedly racists against white folks. Googling NAACP+glass houses provides plenty of examples. Ed Morrissey at the fringe right-wing site Hotair provides a typical example, Breitbart hits NAACP with promised video of racism,  posted at 12:55 pm on July 19, 2010 by Ed Morrissey

The NAACP is about to learn one of the most basic of all lessons in life — those who live in glass houses should avoid provoking a stone-throwing war.  After the civil-rights organization threatened to issue a condemnation of Tea Party activism by equating it with racism (a position from which they ultimately retreated), Andrew Breitbart announced that he would publish at least one video of the NAACP itself cheering racism.  Breitbart delivers on that promise today at Big Government, showing USDA official Shirley Sherrod explain to an appreciative NAACP audience in July 2009 how she deliberately withheld information from a white farmer in Georgia trying to save his land and his business:

There is no statement by the NAACP condemning tea bagger activism. None, zip, zero. If such a statement exists why didn’t Morissey or the dozens of other conservatives blogger who have repeated what Morrisey and Breitbart wrote posted it along with their stories. Where is the NAACP statement that calls all tea baggers racists. It does not exist. No such statement has been issued. The conservative political analysts and champions of all that is fair and balanced not produce the evidence? How could that be. Maybe because what the NAACP wrote was,

Today, NAACP delegates passed a resolution to condemn extremist elements within the Tea Party, calling on Tea Party leaders to repudiate those in their ranks who use racist language in their signs and speeches.

Hotair typifies the kind of spin the far Right must use in order to win the debate. Let me admit Morrissey and the rest of hyperventilaters are absolutely correct about the NAACP living in a glass house as well as everyone else for that matter. Its none of my business but Morrissey has written multiple times about his conversion to Catholicism. Converts especially are aware of the concept of original sin. We’re all sinners thus all live in said glass houses. On the other hand most Conservatives live in a 60 story tall glass skyscraper. If it’s all about the glass disqualifying one from passing judgment on anyone else – conservatives should be beating a path to the discount curtain shop. Needless to say that if casting stones be the new golden rule conservatives will stop boring us all with the values they clearly do not have. At least to the degree that hypocrites such as Morissey and Andrew Breitbart would have us believe.  And after all this glass house business, breaking stories, NAACP hypocrisy exposed – always take a breath and realize it is the umpteenth story the collective Wingnuttia have either lied about, spun and distorted, or as a result of their unrepentant laziness have failed to do their homework – Breitbart Utterly Destroys Something

The whole story is BS. Brietbart has conveniently edited out the context of this story, but he forgot one crucial detail. Notice where she says that the story took place just after Chapter 12 bankruptcy was established for family farms? Andrew really should have edited that out. You know why? Chapter 12 was so established in 1986. What was Shirley Sherrod doing in 1986? She was running the New Communities black farm coop in Georgia. She was not employed by the government in any way. Some white farmer called a black coop looking for help. She helped him, but not as much as she “could” if, you know, he were a black farmer and thus would have some interest in the coop. They also gave farmers help restructuring their loans and whatnot, so she referred him to a lawyer who could help him, despite his condescending attitude.

I should also note that the her coop and the associate RDLN recently won a $1 billion+ settlement for black farmers after they were systematically denied loans provided to white farmers in the early eighties, complements of Ronnie Reagan (Pigford v. Glickman). But we all know it was those black farmers banding together in their cooperative farming blackness that are the real racists.

Having Republican friends I’m happy to defend Republicans from any blanket accusation that all Republicans are racists. I cannot find an example right now, but should there be such a person they need to stop the cue tip ear cleaners when they meet resistance ,least you know, brain damage. What is puzzling or maybe not, is the far Right’s inability to admit they do have a problem. Racist New Hampshire State House Candidate Advises Tea Party To Be More Open With Its Racism

The Tea Party at its core is all about race but most of the Tea Partiers do not even realize it. They downplay the race issue every chance they get because they are afraid of being perceived as racist. (Ryan J. Murdough)

He also called on them to stop the “jewish appeasing.” “If the Republicans continue to put out weak, israel first, zionist, anti white, neo cons, the tea party will be for nothing,” Murdough warned.

To their credit the local tea baggers have called Ryan J. Murdough a “despicable racist”. See Hotair and Breitbart and Powerline and Gateway Pundit etc etc. It’s not that difficult. It will take a while dismantling the glass skyscraper, but it can be done. One of your own showed the way.

Past the smelling salts. The Right is playing drama queen victim and as usual it ain’t pretty, St. Louis Tea Party suggests ‘bigoted’ NAACP should be taxed

At the St. Louis Tea Party blog, leader Bill Hennessy writes, “Normally, we ignore childish hostility from belligerent people and groups. But the NAACP today intends to condemn 20 million tea party activists as racists. The millions of good, decent, and loving Americans who have participated in Tea Party events deserve nothing less than our full condemnation of the NAACP’s hatred and lies.”

Bill Hennessy is not one of the more rational, well informed or patriotic people you’ll ever meet.

update: Farmer’s wife says fired USDA official helped save their land; USDA will not rehire

The wife of a white Georgia farmer on Tuesday defended a federal agriculture official who lost her job for saying she once withheld help to the couple on the basis of race.

The former official, Shirley Sherrod, “kept us out of bankruptcy,” said Eloise Spooner, 82, of Iron City in southwest Georgia. Spooner, in an interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, added she considers Sherrod a “friend for life.” She and her husband, Roger Spooner, approached Sherrod for help in 1986 when Sherrod worked for a nonprofit that assisted farmers.

It appears to be too little too late as Sherrod has been forced to resign based solely on Breitbart’s edited video – NAACP ‘snookered’ over video of former USDA employee

The NAACP has retracted its original statement condemning comments made by a former Agriculture Department official who resigned after a video clip surfaced of her discussing a white farmer.

The NAACP said in a statement Tuesday that it was “snookered by Fox News” and conservative website publisher Andrew Breitbart.

“Having reviewed the full tape by Shirley Sherrod, who is the woman who was fired by the Department of Agriculture, and most importantly heard the testimony of the white farmers mentioned in this story, we now believe that the organization that edited the documents did so with the intention of deceiving millions of Americans,” the statement from NAACP President Benjamin Jealous said.

[  ]…Sherrod said Tuesday that the incident with the farmer in 1986 occurred before she started work for the USDA and was working at the nonprofit Federation of Southern Cooperatives. She said the experience helped her learn to move beyond race and she tells the story to audiences to make that point.

The whole video shows the lesson Sherrod learned that while working for a black cooperative that what mattered was the difference between poor and well off, not the difference between black and white. A lesson that Breitbart and some of the tea bagger conservatives need to learn.

The Search for Principled Conservatives

Much like SETI and the search for extraterrestrial life, the search for a principled Conservative continues. Ramesh Ponnuru writes at The National Review, Palin and Privacy

Those excerpts from Couric’s interviews give me more concerns about Biden than Palin. He seems to be under the impression that there’s a “liberty clause” in the Fourteenth Amendment (he has talked about it in Supreme Court confirmation hearings too).

If Ramesh had taken 3 seconds he would have found the “liberty clause”

U.S. Constitution: Fourteenth Amendment
Section. 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law…

Examples of court cases in which the 14th has been referred to as the liberty clause here. How the interpreatation of that clause has changed over the years is another matter. The fact remains the 14th has been known by that legal nickname for years. Odd also that a pundit at NR should find that the Constitution has an implied right to privacy.

Rich Lowry writing at The national Review, August 09, 2005, 8:02 a.m.

When the Senate confirmation hearings for Judge John Roberts begin in a few weeks, his Democratic questioners are sure to obsess on something that doesn’t exist: a generalized right to privacy.

Former Republican Senator Rick Santorum at The National Review, July 19, 2005, 7:28 a.m.
Nonetheless, it is in this case that the Court “discovered” a “right to privacy” in the U.S. Constitution. Of course, such a right does not appear anywhere in the text of the Constitution. Rather, the Court’s majority discovered — or invented — such a right from the “emanations” and “penumbras” of rights found in the First, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth, and Fourteenth Amendments.

emphasis mine

Note Santorums use of “emanations” and “penumbras”, said with little bits of spittle flying from clinched jaws. he is referring to Griswold v. Connecticut, which ( hey Sarah write this down) Conservatives hate. In a case related to Griswold and the issue of privacy rights, Poe v. Ullman, Justice John Marshall Harlan II wrote,

“the full scope of the liberty guaranteed by the Due Process Clause cannot be found in or limited by the precise terms of the specific guarantees elsewhere provided in the Constitution. This ‘liberty’ is not a series of isolated points pricked out in terms of the taking of property; the freedom of speech, press, and religion; the right to keep and bear arms; the freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures; and so on. It is a rational continuum which, broadly speaking, includes a freedom from all substantial arbitrary impositions and purposeless restraints.”

For those that haven’t heard Conservative Republican columnist Kathleen Parker wrote a piece for, what else, The National Review that expressed her general disapproval of Sarah Palin as the Republican VP candidate. M’s Parker suddenly finds that there are Conservatives that don’t discuss such disagreements over cocktails at the club, they send mail, The Omen In My Mail

Allow me to introduce myself. I am a traitor and an idiot. Also, my mother should have aborted me and left me in a dumpster, but since she didn’t, I should “off” myself.

Those are a few nuggets randomly selected from thousands of e-mails written in response to my column suggesting that Sarah Palin is out of her league and should step down.

Who says public discourse hasn’t deteriorated?

The fierce reaction to my column has been both bracing and enlightening. After 20 years of column writing, I’m familiar with angry mail. But the past few days have produced responses of a different order. Not just angry, but vicious and threatening.

No one from any political persuasion should be writing such emails about any issue, ever. Death threats as such are not covered by free speech or are way past the you’re an assclown level of mail. Its curious that Michelle Malkin’s response is hey Kathy get over it, Columnist needs lesson on what “Stalinist” tactics are By Michelle Malkin  •  October 1, 2008 03:13 PM

Palin-bashing columnist Kathleen Parker received some nasty e-mails. Now, she’s accusing conservatives who didn’t like her attack on Sarah of engaging in Stalinist tactics…

And let’s get something straight: Sending rough e-mails isn’t “Stalinist.”

Emails that entail the use of intimidation by way of death threats  can be rightly described as Stalinist among other things. Parker didn’t accuse all Conservatives who disagreed of using such tactics only those that were vicious. A rough email would be of the you’re a so and so and I disagree variety. The ones Parker referenced clearly crossed that line. I don’t know if Parker is a principled Conservative, but Malkin clearly is not.

Make-Believe Maverick A closer look at the life and career of John McCain reveals a disturbing record of recklessness and dishonesty

* Dramesi, who went on to serve as chief war planner for U.S. Air Forces in Europe and commander of a wing of the Strategic Air Command, was not surprised. “McCain says his life changed while he was in Vietnam, and he is now a different man,” Dramesi says today. “But he’s still the undisciplined, spoiled brat that he was when he went in.”

* “Let’s face it,” says Larry Wilkerson, a retired Army colonel who served as chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell. “John McCain made his reputation on the fact that he doesn’t bend his principles for politics. That’s just not true.”

* Intent on winning the presidency at all costs, he has reassembled the very team that so viciously smeared him and his family eight years ago, selecting as his running mate a born-again moose hunter whose only qualification for office is her ability to electrify Rove’s base.

* “John has made a pact with the devil,” says Lincoln Chafee, the former GOP senator, who has been appalled at his one-time colleague’s readiness to sacrifice principle for power. Chafee and McCain were the only Republicans to vote against the Bush tax cuts.

A good many Democratic blogs, including this one took up for McCain against attacks by the Cult of Bush. Maybe our vision was blurred by sympathy since this election has made us take a closer look at his record and the parallels to Bush are remarkable. I remember reading this post from the Talent Show back in 05′ and thinking then that the honorable moderate image that he always seemed to be selling on the morning news programs ( he has to have set some kind of record for appearances) didn’t match his voting record. McCain a principled Conservative? Only in his own mind.

Squandered victory, British envoy says mission in Afghanistan is doomed, according to leaked memo

The Politics of the Bailout Bill. Interesting how much coming up for re-election affected Republican votes. That would be the principle of the ballot box.

The most effective anti-Palin ad

The most effective anti-Palin ad out there might be the Defenders of Wildlife’s multi-state, millon-dollar-plus spot on the governor’s aerial wolf-hunting activities.

This doesn’t seem to bother Palin’s supporters. Which might partly explain the tone of Parker’s email.

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